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Builds in Bamboo are exactly the same as how they would be executed via command line.

Bamboo Build Process

Bamboo forks off a new process for each build, and tries to reproduce the user's environment by passing down all the System and PATH variables to the build.

The new process is created using the Apache Ant Execute Task as below:

 For the more curious, Bamboo uses Apache Ant Execute Task to fork the build process.

Debugging Failing Builds

If you haven't done so already, please run your build outside of Bamboo via command line as the user running the Bamboo process and confirm that build is successful.

Navigate to your local working directory BAMBOO_HOME/xml-data/build-dir/PLAN_KEY and try executing your build manually.

For E.g, if this is a Maven build then please supply the appropriate goal: mvn clean install

Please ensure that the following criteria have been met:

  • Ensure that Bamboo is running as the local user and the user executing the build via commandline owns the Bamboo process.

    Bamboo Service on Windows

    Bamboo will install itself as the SYSTEM user on Windows, ensure that you have configured Bamboo to run as the local Windows user

  • If the failing build is being executed on a remote agent, ensure that it can be executed successfully on the remote agent as the Bamboo user.
  • If your build has specific dependencies or requires you to set Environment Variables, ensure that the variables/dependencies are available to your build.
  • If your JAVA build is failing due to memory errors, then please try increasing memory allocated to your build.
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