Upgrade Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Upgrade

If experiencing problems upgrading by restoring from an XML backup, use the standard upgrade procedure instead.

Confluence runs the upgrade task based on a comparison between build numbers in the confluence-install directory and the confluence.cfg.xml file in the confluence-home directory. Therefore, you cannot restore an sql dump from an old version after the upgrade task has run. To handle errors related to this better, vote for CONF-13798.

Confluence 3.5 Upgrade problems

Issues Prior to Confluence 2.8

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  • Problem: If you are upgrading from a Confluence version 2.2.x or earlier to the latest version of Confluence, you may see an error message such as: Upgrade failed: com.atlassian.confluence.extra.leftnavigation.LeftNavSettings.
  • Problem: An error message like: 'KEYSTORE' table doesn't exist..
    • Workaround: Create the KEYSTORE table manually.
    • Fix: Refer to CONF-10759.
  • Problem: An Null Pointer Exception message occurs in the logs with a stack trace like: com.atlassian.confluence.security.trust.ConfluenceTrustedApplicationsManager.getAliasForSid. The Server ID is not being created.
    • Workaround: Create the Server ID manually.
    • Fix: Refer to CONF-10576.
  • Problem:Users are unable to log in after an upgrade from a version prior to 2.7.

Knowledge Base Articles

Open JIRA Features and Bug Reports

T Key Summary P Status
Suggestion CONFSERVER-21174 When confluence starts, empty the content of the plugins-temp folder Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-18085 Need an integrity checker to check all required database tables exist after an upgrade Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-6673 Use different ZIP API to allow restoring backups larger than 2 GB Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-24414 On upgrade if we found there are modz in the system we cannot handle we should give the customer an option not to start confluence Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-40624 Provide progress bar for Confluence to monitor upgrade process Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-31140 Don't start Confluence automatically after an upgrade Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-26111 Allow space import from different major versions Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-25687 Provide sha256 checksums for downloads Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-12689 Support Confluence cluster upgrades without an outage Open
Suggestion CONFSERVER-6390 Allow to switch Confluence to read-only mode Open
Bug CONFSERVER-21796 NOTIFICATIONS table loses columns in MySql after upgrade in 3.4.* Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-22425 Internal directory is disabled after upgrade to Confuence 3.5.x when atlassian-user.xml contains only osuser tag Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-40299 Confluence failed to upgrade to 5.6 or later from the old cluster setting Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-37756 Upgrade failed with the error message: "ERROR: cannot ALTER TABLE "content" because it has pending trigger events" Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-37454 StorageToAoMigrationUpgradeTask takes a long time Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-35214 Upgrade task "DeleteDuplicateTasksUpgradeTask" fails to handle more than 2000 tasks scan Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-36652 Oracle Upgrade Fails due to pre-existing indexes Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-52316 Add constraints upgrade task is very slow in instances with a large amount of users Medium Open
Bug CONFSERVER-51881 Add logging when the pre-upgrade database backup is running Low Open
Bug CONFSERVER-43791 The SQL Server Collation Bootstrap Collation check doens't check tables and columns Low Open
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Last modified on Oct 7, 2015

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