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This documentation is intended for Confluence developers who want to ensure that their existing plugins and apps are compatible with Confluence 7.12.

Watch this page to find out when a new milestone is available and what’s changed. We will publish formal release notes once we release a beta.

Latest milestone
7 April 2021


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Planned changes

In this section we'll provide an overview of the changes we intend to make, so you can start thinking how it might impact your app. We'll indicate when a change has been implemented, and in which milestone. 

Hibernate upgrade


We're working on upgrading Hibernate from 5.2 to 5.4. This includes breaking changes like removing deprecated features/interfaces.

Notable features that have been removed:

  • Support for JDBC parameterised queries. Classes that implement HibernateContentQueryFactory should be verified to assure that named parameters are used instead.
  • RegionAccessStrategy and other access strategy interfaces have been replaced.

See Hibernate 5.2 to 5.4 upgrade contains breaking changes for more information. We are targeting Confluence 7.14 for this upgrade.

Removal of editor-v3 


When we upgraded our editor to TinyMCE v4 way back in Confluence 6.14, we introduced an unsupported dark feature that could be used to revert to the v3 editor (frontend.editor.v4 / frontend.editor.v4.disable). We plan to remove this dark feature flag in a future Confluence release, as they are no longer tested or reliable.

Once that happens, the editor-v3 WRM context will no longer be loaded. Any resources used only in this context can be removed completely. The editor and editor-v4 contexts are unchanged, and with this change, resources in editor-v4 can be safely moved to editor.

AUI 9.x upgrade


We're currently working on upgrading AUI from 8.3.5 to 9.2.0. See Upgrading from 8.x to 9.0 and AUI 8 upgrade guides for information on changes that may affect your app. The upgrade landed in 7.12.0-m38.

See AUI 9 Checkboxes in Confluence 7 Break Functional Testing Frameworks for a change related to checkboxes between AUI 8.3.5 and 8.5.

Support for PostgreSQL 11


We plan to add support for PostgreSQL 11 in this release. We'll let you know if we discover any issues that might be relevant to plugins. 

Changes to basic authentication


We plan to provide admins the ability to disable basic authentication, and will be recommending any integrations use personal access tokens instead. We'll provide more information on this change shortly.

XStream upgrade


We have upgraded XStream to 1.4.17.  If you bundle your own version of XStream you will also need to upgrade to this version or later. This is because XStream 1.4.16 provides a newer implementation of XmlPullParser through service loader. XStream's default parser has changed from Xpp3 to MXParser, which is a fork of Xpp3.  You can read more about the changes in the XStream change log.

When upgrading XStream in our own plugins, we found that it remained compatible with older Confluence versions, as there's a dependency of xpp3_min which helps the plugin to work with older XmlPullParser implementations mentioned in service loader in older Confluence versions.

This change was back-ported to 7.12.3. 

Implemented changes

In this section we'll provide details of changes we have implemented, organised by the milestone they are first available in. This will help you decide which milestone to use when testing.

Release Candidate - 7 April 2021

Milestone 7.12.0-rc2

This release candidate contains a fix for CONFSERVER-61194.

Release Candidate - 1 April 2021

Milestone 7.12.0-rc1

No significant changes in this release candidate. 

Beta - 5 March 2021

In this beta release:

  • Data pipeline is available to export data from your Confluence site and feed it into your existing data platform (like Tableau) to generate richer reports of site activity.

  • Diagnostic information is now included in thread dumps.

  • Change to database validation query configuration.

  • setenv file improvements.

  • We've added support for PostgreSQL 11.  

See Confluence 7.12 beta release notes for full details of everything in this release.

EAP 3 - 22 February 2021

Milestone 7.12.0-m38

  • Upgraded AUI from 8.3.5 to 9.2.0. See Upgrading from 8.x to 9.0 and AUI 8 upgrade guides for information on changes that may affect your app. One visual change you may notice is that the icons in the header are now slightly larger. 

EAP 2 - 15 February 2021

Milestone 7.12.0-m31

No significant changes in this milestone.

EAP 1 – 10 February 2021

Milestone 7.12.0-m26

No significant changes in this milestone.

Looking for updated documentation? Check out the Confluence EAP space for the latest docs.

Did you know we’ve got a new developer community? Head to to check it out! We’ll be posting in the announcements category if when new EAP releases are available.

Last modified on Jul 22, 2021

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