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This documentation is intended for Confluence developers who want to ensure that their existing plugins and apps are compatible with Confluence 7.3.

Watch this page to find out when a new milestone is available and what’s changed. We will publish formal release notes once we release a beta.

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3 February 20207.3.0-rc1Download
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Planned changes

In this section we'll provide an overview of the changes we intend to make, so you can start thinking how it might impact your app. We'll indicate when a change has been implemented, and in which milestone. 

Oracle 19c support


In this release we've added support for Oracle 19c.  We've tested with both the ojdbc8.jar and ojdbc10.jar drivers. 

PostgreSQL 10 support


In this release we've added support for PostgreSQL 10.  

There's a known issue where Confluence won't start with PostgreSQL 10 in Amazon RDS. See  CONFSERVER-59243 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for more information and a workaround. 

Advanced permissions features (Data Center)


As previously announced, we acquired the Ultimate Permissions Manager app, and have been working to integrate the app's functionality into Confluence Data Center. 

We've haven't changed how permissions work, so we don't expect these changes to have a major impact on your apps. 

Inspect permissions is available in 7.3.0-m31 with a Data Center license. 

See Inspect permissions and Check who can view a page in our EAP documentation for more information. These docs are still a work in progress. 

OpenID connect (Data Center)


Some time ago we added SAML single sign-on support to all of our Data Center products. Now we're adding the option to authenticate using the OpenID Connect protocol.

OpenID connect support is introduced in version 4.0 of the SSO for Atlassian Data Center plugin. It's available from Marketplace now, and we plan to bundle it in a future release. 

Rate limiting (Data Center)


When automated integrations or scripts send requests to Confluence in huge bursts, it can affect Confluence's stability, leading to drops in performance or even downtime. To help admins prevent this, we’re introducing rate limiting. Admins will be able to choose how many requests users can make and how often they can make them, add exemptions for users who really need those requests, and easily navigate through the list of rate limited users. 

Rate limiting only targets external REST API requests, which means that requests made within Confluence aren’t limited in any way.

Rate limiting is available from 7.3.0-m31 with a Data Center license.  

See Improving instance stability with rate limiting and Adjusting your code for rate limiting in our EAP documentation for more information. These docs are still a work in progress. 

Edit files improvements


We're currently working on a series of improvements to the Companion app for Confluence Server and Data Center to make it easier to install and use. These improvements include a redesigned Companion interface to better manage the files you are working on and reworking the Companion app to use a protocol handler, rather than the current WebSockets method to enable more customers to use this feature. 

We'll provide more information about the changes in an upcoming milestone.

Limit pages in the page tree


We have decided to limit the number of pages that initially display in the page tree in the space sidebar to 200 (per level of hierarchy). A show all button will load the entire page tree. We've done this to reduce the number of permissions checks that are required when loading the page tree. 

Implemented changes

In this section we'll provide details of changes we have implemented, organised by the milestone they are first available in. This will help you decide which milestone to use when testing.

Release Candidate 2 - 3 February 2020

In this release candidate:

  • We reverted a fix introduced in 7.2.1 for  CONFSERVER-26897 - Getting issue details... STATUS  as it caused issues when creating pages from templates. See  CONFSERVER-59370 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for more information.
  • We released Atlassian Companion 1.0.0. 

Release Candidate 1 - 29 January 2020

As mentioned above, we have decided not to bundle version 4.0 of the SSO for Atlassian Data Center plugin in 7.3. We will likely bundle a v4.x version in Confluence 7.5. 

Beta 1 - 14 January 2020

In this beta

  • Upgraded the SSO plugin, which now supports OpenID Connect providers (Data Center only).
  • Added support for Oracle 19c
  • Added a new Rate limiting feature for Data Center customers
  • New Show all pages button in the page tree, where there are more than 200 pages at that level of the hierarchy.  

For the full run-down on features in this release, head to Confluence 7.3 beta release notes

EAP 4 – 6 January 2020

Milestone 7.3.0-m37

No significant changes in this milestone.

EAP 3 – 31 December 2019

Milestone 7.3.0-m31

It's the last milestone of the decade! In this milestone:

  • Added the option to Inspect permissions in global and space admin. 
  • Added a new People who can view option, accessed from the 
    More options
     (formerly Page tools) menu when viewing a page. 
  • Added the option to rate limit external REST requests. 

Have a safe and happy new year everyone. 

EAP 2 – 24 December 2019

Milestone 7.3.0-m21

In this milestone:

  • Companion app now uses a protocol handler, rather than the current WebSockets method. 

EAP 1 – 17 December 2019

Milestone 7.3.0-m15

In this milestone:

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 10.

Secure your macros

We have a new guide with some tips for making sure any macros provided by your app are secure. See How to secure your macro in our developer docs. 

Looking for updated documentation? Check out the Confluence EAP space for the latest docs.

Did you know we’ve got a new developer community? Head to to check it out! We’ll be posting in the announcements category if when new EAP releases are available.

Last modified on Feb 3, 2020

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