Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center products allow you to scale as your organization grows by providing high availability, horizontal scalability, and administrative flexibility. 

We've collected some informative overviews, best practice articles, and technical guides to set you up for success when evaluating, provisioning and rolling out Data Center.

Ready to start your Data Center journey?

Read about Data Center or get started with installation guides.

Installation guides

 For product-specific information about:

  • installation and configuration
  • consolidation
  • moving your Server applications to Data Center

go to Installing Atlassian Data Center.

When should I move to Data Center?

Atlassian has suitable solutions for your organization: whether you're a current Atlassian Server customer evaluating whether Data Center suits your business, or a new customer deciding between a Server or Data Center deployment.

Wondering if you will require a shift to Data Center in the future?

Server to Data Center: The Tipping Point white paper

More interested in which solution is better for your company?

Server vs. Data Center: What's right for you?

Growth and configuring Data Center

Data Center solves many growth challenges, and provides ways to optimize performance by shaping traffic.

Performance management

Testing gives you insight into how Data Center applications perform under scenarios relevant to your organization, and monitoring helps track the health of your deployment. Our Data Center performance space provides useful information to guide you in both.


Make sure that Data Center fits your budget by reviewing Atlassian's pricing structure.

We're here to help!

If you need help during any part of moving to Data Center, we've got plenty of ways to help you out.

Product documentation

Search our documentation portal to see if we have documentation for any topics you are interested in or knowledge base articles for issues that you may be experiencing. Examples include:

Atlassian community

Get help from our amazing community about any questions you have regarding Data Center. Examples include:

Premier Support

If you are a Premier Support customer, you have access to our dedicated senior support team for any issues that occur when you are either preparing for or are already running Data Center. Premier Support also performs health checks to evaluate and tune your Server application before moving it to Data Center. Support engineers are also available over the weekend if that's when you are deploying your Data Center application to production.

Learn more about what Premier Support offers:

For more information about support options, see Support Services.

Technical Account Management

A Technical Account Manager partners with you to provide long-term strategic guidance so that your organization gets the most value out of your Atlassian applications. The Technical Account Manager will work with you to understand your organization's use cases, your business goals, and how you are currently using your applications to build a Data Center rollout plan tailored to your needs. Example activities include:

  • developing a set of configuration options for your Bitbucket Data Center deployment including number and size of nodes
  • guiding your team through the planning, implementation, and ongoing governance for a Confluence Data Center rollout on AWS
  • researching that your Jira add-ons are compatible with Jira Data Center
  • recommending a set of performance monitoring tools for your Data Center application and offering guidance on key metrics to measure based on your use cases

Learn more about Atlassian Technical Account Management.

Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Partners work with you to conduct hands-on system integrations, deployments, and upgrades. They can also work on-site with your team to configure Data Center to your specific needs. Example activities include:

  • consolidating your instances into a single Data Center deployment
  • writing custom add-ons for your Data Center application
  • testing and optimizing your Data Center deployment for long-term growth

Learn more about Atlassian Enterprise Partners.

Last modified on Jul 2, 2018

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