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Suggestion CONF-24003 Upgrading improvements for JIRA and Confluence (.bin script) Open
Suggestion CONF-6623 Provide simple HTML to Confluence conversion Open
Suggestion CONF-27211 Confluence Should Check to See That Database Has the Correct Case Sensitivity Set. Open
Suggestion CONF-34872 Update the Bundle jtds sql driver on Confluence Installation files Open
Bug CONF-40963 Windows installer does not update Windows service during upgrade Medium Open
Bug CONF-5010 jiraissues macro refresh references http://localhost:8080 rather than Medium Open
Bug CONF-8730 PDF, Word and XML exports fail with absolute temp directory path in confluence.cfg.xml Medium Open
Bug CONF-11874 Uninstaller does not remove all files and registry from the destination directory Medium Open
Bug CONF-23267 Auto installer ignores JAVA_OPTS if defined twice Medium Open
Bug CONF-28486 Confluence throws: "Failed to find component: Error creating bean with name 'velocityContextBeanMap'" in newly created instances with JIRA Medium Open
Bug CONF-28706 Foreign Keys Constraints created without accompanying index Medium Open
Bug CONF-38458 Fix up db setup checks Medium Open
Bug CONF-35937 Tomcat is not shutting down properly as its trying to prevent memory leaks in Confluence Medium Open
Bug CONF-36175 Eval setup loading spinner shows "setup.evallicense.importlicense.loading" Medium Open
Bug CONF-36658 Unrecognised Velocity variable in setup site restore Medium Open
Bug CONF-37160 Importing an XML Backup into an Oracle Database may pause until the Confluence Logo is clicked Medium Open
Bug CONF-38868 Non-existent Blueprint AO Tables are Not Automatically Recreated in Oracle DB Medium Open
Bug CONF-38736 JIRA 6.4 as a Crowd Server does not work with Confluence version 5.7.x and above Medium Open
Bug CONF-38721 Database Collation Change to CI versus UTF-8 Medium Open
Bug CONF-39360 Internet Explorer 11 does not show images on pages Medium Open
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