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Open JIRA Features and Bug Reports

T Key Summary P Status
Improvement CONF-23232 Do not jar the preferences-default.xml Open
Improvement CONF-32155 Add a "Please Wait" Message in Confluence installation in database configuration step Open
Improvement CONF-29594 Installer added user should be created within system UID range in Linux Open
Improvement CONF-24003 Upgrading improvements for JIRA and Confluence (.bin script) Open
Improvement CONF-27211 Confluence Should Check to See That Database Has the Correct Case Sensitivity Set. Open
Bug CONF-36068 Can't upgrade Confluence if you moved the install/home folder using the installer Major Open
Bug CONF-36658 Unrecognised Velocity variable in setup site restore Major Open
Bug CONF-37160 Importing an XML Backup into an Oracle Database may pause until the Confluence Logo is clicked Major Open
Bug CONF-38184 Creating admin user on setup Major Open
New Feature CONF-8539 Mechanism to override standard actions with custom versions Open
Bug CONF-38736 JIRA 6.4 as a Crowd Server does not work with Confluence version 5.7.x and above Major Open
New Feature CONF-6623 Provide simple HTML to Confluence conversion Open
Bug CONF-37920 Buttons on Configure Database step in Confluence 5.8.4 installation are not rendered properly on Chrome Major Open
Bug CONF-8730 PDF, Word and XML exports fail with absolute temp directory path in confluence.cfg.xml Major Open
Bug CONF-5010 jiraissues macro refresh references http://localhost:8080 rather than Major Open
Bug CONF-38868 Non-existent Blueprint AO Tables are Not Automatically Recreated in Oracle DB Major Open
Bug CONF-28604 "From" email settings in Confluence UI and server.xml can be different - causing an error if they are Minor Open
Bug CONF-33939 Administrator checklist no longer visible Minor Open
Bug CONF-33071 Remove the Embedded Database option from the Production installer path Minor Open
Bug CONF-35145 Broken links in setup wizard Minor Open
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Page: 'com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException' when Installing Confluence on MySQL on OS X 10.4 Due to MySQL Networking Configuration Page: 'Error opening file for writing' when Installing Confluence Evaluation on Windows Page: 'extractBundledPlugins Couldn't find on classpath' Due to Solaris TAR Utility Page: 'Illegal character in path' Errors Appear when Running on Windows Page: 'tar' Command Yields 'A lone zero block at 145270' Page: "Home is not configured properly" error message due to corrupted confluence.cfg.xml Page: Cannot choose external database when installing Confluence 5.6.x Page: Cannot register Confluence due to 'License you Entered was not Valid' error Page: Confluence 5.8 setup wizard fails when creating the embedded H2 database on Mac OSX Page: Confluence and SOAP on Resin Page: Confluence Does Not Start Due to 'there may be a configuration problem in your confluence.cfg.xml file' Page: Confluence Does Not Start with 'MySQL session isolation level 'REPEATABLE-READ' is no longer supported' Message Page: Confluence Installation Fails with Set up step error (java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: user lacks privilege or object not found: BANDANA) Page: Confluence installation fails with unable to create application context Page: Confluence Loads with 500 Error after Install Page: Confluence will not start due to ClassNotFoundException: SLF4JBridgeHandler Page: Could not resolve placeholder localHome Page: Differentiating Between the Confluence 32-bit and 64-bit Installer Page: Edit Page Fails with 'DataIntegrityViolationException Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint' Page: Error Creating Bean with Name Scheduler Error Message When Installing Confluence Page: Failed to Resolve Artifact - Missing javax.mail When Building the Distribution Source Code Page: Fix 'Not supported by BasicDataSource' Setup or Startup Error Page: How to Point to a Different JAVA Installation Page: How to Rollback to a Previous Version of Confluence Page: Installation Fails with 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager' Due to JDK Version Page: Installer Fails on Windows Due to Spaces in JAVA_HOME Page: exceptions in Confluence log file due to DNS lookups failing Page: Loading Example Site During Installation Throws NullPointerException Page: New Install of Confluence Appears to Succeed, but is not Accessible Page: NoClassDefFoundError Due to Path Size Limit in Windows on WebSphere Page: Problems installing Confluence as a service on Windows 64bit Page: Problem when installing Confluence 5.6 or below with SQL Server 2014 R2: Configuring the database failed. Couldn't create the database schema. java.sql.SQLException: Unable to get information from SQL Server: localhost. Page: Problem with installing Confluence standalone(zip file) as windows service with 64 bit JDK/JRE Page: Setup Fails Creating MySQL Schema Due to Tomcat Incompatibility Page: Setup Wizard Fails to Create Admin User Page: The License You Entered Was Not Valid Page: Unable to Complete Installation Due to File Permissions Page: Unable to Deploy Evaluation Database on Weblogic Page: Unable to Install Confluence Due to Java 1.5 Page: Unable to Install Confluence or Load Plugins on Websphere 6.1 Page: Unable to Install Due to Kaffe Java Page: Unable to Install Service on Windows Vista Page: Unable to Set Up JIRA for User Management During Installation Page: Unable to Setup Postgres Due to Incorrect Driver Page: Unable to start Windows Service due to "Failed creating java jvm.dll" "The specified module could not be found" Page: Unable to Uninstall a Plugin or Install an Old Version of a Plugin