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28 July 2011The Atlassian Team Calendars team is pleased to announce the release of Team Calendars 1.2. This release focuses on extending the notification features added in Team Calendars 1.1, improving localization support and making general user interface improvements.

Highlights of this Release:

  • Thank you for all your issues and votes.
  • Below is a list of highlights for this release
  • Also see our complete list of issues resolved

Highlights of Team Calendars 1.2


Autowatch Calendars

In Team Calendars 1.1 we added the ability to watch calendars so you can be notified about events in the calendars you care about. In Team Calendars 1.2, we've made this feature a little smarter:

  1. If you have the autowatch setting enabled, you'll be automatically added as a watcher when creating a new calendar.
  2. When adding an existing calendar to your My Calendars view, you'll also have the option of watching that calendar.

Improved notifications

In addition to making it easier to watch calendars, we also made the email notifications themselves more useful:

  1. Now you'll get more information in notifications for repeating events including how frequently it repeats and the end date.
  2. When watching a page with an embedded calendar, you'll receive notifications on changes to the embedded calendar. For these notifications, we've added more content to the email footer so users know why they're receiving those notifications.



Locale-based formatting

In Team Calendars 1.1 we added support for additional languages. In Team Calendars 1.2 we've made some changes to take advantage of your language settings:

  1. The date format in the calendar list view is now based on your Confluence language settings.
  2. The first day of the week is also based on your Confluence language settings.


Heaps of UX improvements

We've made a number of changes to make Team Calendars look "cleaner" and simpler to use:

  • Hiding calendars in the My Calendars view
    • We've combined the calendar color box and the settings dropdown into one element to simplify the UI.
    • We've removed "Hide" from the calendar menu to reduce clutter. Users can hide/unhide by clicking the calendar.
  • Create events dialog
    • We've changed the event repeating frequency field from a drop-down to a proper text field.
    • For new all-day events, the second date is automatically based on the first date to make it easier to plan events in the far future.
  • When browsing popular calendars, you can now click to search calendars too.


Upgrading from a previous version of Team Calendars is straightforward. We recommend that you back up your calendar data before upgrading.

To upgrade to 1.2, simply click 'upgrade' in the Team Calendars entry of the plugins administration screens. See Team Calendars on for more information.

Issues Resolved in this Release

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Last modified on Nov 23, 2016

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