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4 January 2016

Here comes Team Calendars 5.3.10. Plenty of bug fixes in this release, but we've also snuck in some (significant) improvements. (wink)

In this release:

How busy is your day?

We've added a handy little badge to the  Calendars  link in the space sidebar, which shows you at a glance how many events are scheduled today. Visit your team's space and see how many team events are scheduled today, or go to your personal space and see how your day's shaping up.

Atlassian Cloud Site admins get MOAR POWER!

As Atlassian Cloud site admins, we have an unrelenting desire for power (over calendars, anyway). Because of this, we thought it wise to give site admins – in addition to the calendar's owner – the power to delete calendars. Great for those pesky calendars whose owner has already been deleted.

To grant yourself this new power, head to  General configuration  >  Team Calendars  and tick  Allow site administrators to manage calendars .

Easier calendar sharing

We've made a few tweaks that make it easier to share either all calendars in a space, or just the one you want to.

To share all calendars in a space, just visit Calendars in the space sidebar and hit Share at the top right of the page. Add people to share with and an optional message.

To enable you to share a single calendar from a space, we've added the ability to view just that calendar. Again visit Calendars in the space sidebar, but this time click the calendar name to view just that calendar – you're now in the calendar details view. Hit Share, and add people and an optional message.

You can still hide a calendar's events – which you used to do by clicking the calendar name – but you now do this by clicking


Actions menu icon

 > Hide events

  Quick add for new calendars

There's now no need to click twice before you can add a new calendar. The  Add Calendar  button will now quickly add a brand new calendar rather than asking you if you want to add a new calendar or import an existing one – just hit  Add Calendar  and start typing your new calendar's name.

You can still add existing calendars from Confluence, and import calendars (like Google calendars) by URL or using an ICS file – access those options via the down arrow to the right of  Add Calendar .

Update Team Calendars

Before completing this update process, we recommend you back up your Confluence database (which includes Team Calendars data).

In Confluence:

  1. Choose  > Add-ons
  2. Choose Update to the right of the Team Calendars entry

If you encounter any problems in the update process, you can downgrade by installing the version of Team Calendars you were running previously (also available from the Marketplace).


Confluence 5.3 Required

Team Calendars 5.3.x requires Confluence 5.3 or higher. See the Team Calendars Support Matrix for more information.


Issues Resolved in 5.3.10

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Last modified on Jan 6, 2016

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