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27 November 2013

The Atlassian Team Calendars team is pleased to announce the release of Team Calendars 4.1. This release was focused on solving a highly requested issue - printing calendars.

  • Thank you for all your issues and votes. Keep logging issues to help us keep improving!
  • Below is a list of highlights for this release

Printing Calendars

In this release, we've significantly improved the print styles of Team Calendars. Here is a before and after screen shot:


Some more details:

  • Hidden calendars in don't get displayed
  • We've increased the color contrast to make it easier to identify 
  • We've removed functions which aren't really relevant when printing 
  • These styles are improved for month, week, list and timeline views

Seven small improvements to make your life easier

We also spent a bit of time this release going through our small improvements backlog and tackled a lot of the niggles you might run into every day: 

Remember your event details if you want to change the type of event

You start creating your event and then realise you want to make this as a leave event, not a generic event. Previously when you did this, you lost any data you may have already entered in the event dialog. Now, where possible, we remember all the data you enter, regardless if you switch event types.

Remember my last calendar section

Team Members are often subscribed to multiple calendars (e.g one for their team and another for the rest of the organization). We've observed that most of the time you add events to one calendar. So to make this a little bit easier, we now remember your last calendar selection from the calendar drop-down.

Visual icons to recognize your event type

So you can quickly identify what time of event you're after, we've also introduced event icons for each type inside the create event dialog:



Relative date display of your teams releases

Team Calendars enables you to visualize your team releases alongside the rest of your team events. This is done by embedding the JIRA versions of your project onto a calendar. Previously when looking at what version was due, we'd show that it is an all day event - which wasn't really helpful. Now, we've made it easier to quickly identify how many days you've got to ship by displaying the date relative to your current time: 


By default, birthday event types repeat every year

Because we're always looking for opportunities for you to have more birthday cake with your team! 

Improved timezone section for new starters 

Finally, for new users, when setting up Team Calendars or creating a calendar, we ask you to confirm your timezone. This dialog was a bit hard to scan and quickly identify your timezone because we didn't start with your country. Again, we've simplified this so new team members can onboard a little bit quicker without having to scroll through dozens of timezones - they can now just start typing for their country.


All Issues Resolved

Confluence 4.2 Required

A friendly reminder for those that haven't upgraded to Team Calendars 4.0 yet. All releases after and including Team Calendars 4.0 will require Confluence 4.2 or higher. Learn more about the Team Calendars Support Matrix.

Upgrading to Team Calendars 4.1

Upgrading from a previous version of Team Calendars is straightforward. We recommend that you back up your Confluence database (which includes Team Calendars data) before upgrading.

  • In Confluence, simply click 'Upgrade' in the Team Calendars entry of the Plugin Administration screen. 
    Alternatively, download the latest release from our plugin exchange and install it via the Plugin Administration screen. This should upgrade Team Calendars to 4.1 (or higher).
  • If you run into any issues, to down-grade simply install an the previous version of Team Calendars you were running (also available from the marketplace).

Issues Resolved in this Release

Key T Summary Status



Last modified on May 27, 2016

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