Team Calendars 1.8 Release Notes

18 January  2012

The Atlassian Team Calendars team is pleased to announce the release of Team Calendars 1.8. This release enables you to easily integrate Team Calendars with your personal calendaring application.

  • Thank you for all your issues and votes. Keep logging issues to help us keep improving!
  • Below is a list of highlights for this release
  • Also see our complete list of issues resolved.

Easy integration with your personal calendar

Integrating a Team Calendars with your personal calendar is now very easy and doesn't require the users to login anymore. Simply copy and paste your calendar link into your desired email client.

Google Calendar integration

If Confluence isn't running over HTTPS, users will be presented with a button for a easy integration with Google Calendars. Due to Google Calendar limitations, if Confluence is running on HTTPS, users will not see the "Add to Google Calendar" button and can manually add the Team Calendar to Google Calendars.

Subscribed calendar security

Calendar subscriptions are private. If users accidentally share private calendars, they can easily reset the subscription to the calendars.

In the case of security incident, administrators also have the ability to reset all internal calendar subscriptions in the Confluence administration console.

Improved Confluence Dashboard loading speed

"Upcoming Events" now loads interdependently to the Confluence Dashboard, providing a faster load time.

Upgrading to Team Calendars 1.8

Upgrading from a previous version of Team Calendars is straightforward. We recommend that you back up your Confluence database (which includes Team Calendars data) before upgrading.

Team Calendars 1.8 requires just a simple plugin upgrade:

  1. In Confluence, simply click 'Upgrade' in the Team Calendars entry of the Plugin Administration screen.
    Alternatively, download the latest release from our plugin exchange and install it via the Plugin Administration screen. This should upgrade Team Calendars to 1.8.0.

Issues Resolved in this Release

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

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7 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    Unfortunately Google Calendar integration don't work with non-english symbols (cyrillic for example).

    19 Jan 2012
    1. User avatar

      Sherif Mansour [Atlassian]

      Thanks for reporting! We've just fixed this in Team Calendars 1.8.2 Release Notes.

      20 Jan 2012
      1. User avatar


        Sorry, but it work only with People calendars. Event calendars still have a bug

        27 Jan 2012
        1. User avatar

          Sherif Mansour [Atlassian]

          You may be hitting this issue: TEAMCAL-480, if you could provide further information on the bug report that would be great.

          28 Jan 2012
  2. User avatar


    Why is there still not 24 hours time format support on team calendar page macro. I'm using a linked google calendar, and what's even worse is, that not even the correct time zone is shown for anonymous users (server is running configured for CET). Only for logged in users time zone will be correct (but not the time format). However - a logged in user will get an error (without actual message) above the calendar, but no entries,

    The only way to prevent this error, is to enter the My Calendars view first. After that the calendar page is shown without error and correct entries. Yes - in that case even the time zone is fine.

    Regarding the date format - the dashboard macro (at least with Redefined Wiki theme) actually is able to show 24 hours time format.

    I really had hoped you would fix this annoying issues - I couldn't be the only one experiencing that behaviour. Could live withe the time format issue for now - and even with the logged-in user issue (for a while), but the time zone issue makes the plugin completly useless for me!

    By the way: Will the team calendar macro be affected by Google Change to private calendar "publish link" ability? In the near future you won't be able to acess a private Google calendar by known private link. Actually that was the one and only reason for me to try out team calendar - I was quite satisfied with Google calendar's features ...

    21 Jan 2012
    1. User avatar


      I'm seeing same error when view calendaring calendar macro as a logged in user. After entering My Calendars, and returning to the same page with the marco, the calendar entries display. I can't find any information on how to prevent this. 

      22 Jan 2012
  3. User avatar

    Jason Bennett

    Is there a way to customize the interface of adding an event?  Specifically, I want to be able to set alerts (reminders), rather than adding a URL or space I want a section to reference JIRA ticket by ticket number and finally i am wanting to be able to save the event and add a new one (save and new button?) rather than saving it and then clicking to add a new one. 

    Any way I can do any or all of this?  Thanks.

    14 Mar 2012
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