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29th January 2013

You wanted compatibility and performance. You wanted flexibility and TestNG functionality. And a whole lot more!

Bamboo 4.4 gives you the tools to rapidly transition your development projects from Jenkins, with the added performance and control to make that transition worthwhile.

We combed through the features and fixes YOU've been asking for and delivered a release that is all about you.

So come on in. Feel the love.

Quickly Import projects from Jenkins

Your existing projects are managed in Jenkins?

No problem! You've invested a lot of time and effort building your Jenkins projects, but now you want to make the move to Bamboo and don't want to start again from scratch. Bamboo 4.4's Jenkins importer makes it easy to transition your existing Jenkins projects to Bamboo in a few simple steps. Import Jenkins pipelines or individual jobs to Bamboo plans.


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Enhanced Performance

You're an unashamed speed demon?

Hit the gas! Bamboo 4.4's enhanced performance features mean your projects can run up to 1.5 times faster than Bamboo 4.3. From dashboard telemetry and actions, page purge to page load times and database traffic loading, everything is much faster in Bamboo 4.4.


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Parse TestNG reports

By popular demand!

With native support for TestNG framework, tests that are skipped because of an upstream error won't skew your stats. And tests using the @DataProvider annotation clearly show the result for each dataset used. It's all about accuracy and visibility - and isn't that the point of testing, anyway?


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Take control of your tasks

Want to selectively run tasks?

Make the choice! Disable individual tasks within jobs - tailor your jobs and tasks to match your exact code requirements. Ideal for troubleshooting build configurations or adding steps only required in specific situations.


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Quickly copy build revision numbers

Need to copy that pesky revision number?

No problems! Easily copy revision numbers from Bamboo's administration pages with a single click.


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Pause server at your convenience

You wanted to be able to pause your server

No problems! Pause your Bamboo server when you want. Pausing gives you additional flexibility to manage your server and allows you to confidently export consistent data without canceling your builds.


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Download Bamboo 4.4 now. Upgrading to Bamboo 4.4 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance. See the Bamboo 4.4 release notes for more information.


Last modified on Dec 21, 2022

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