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30th October 2012

Things don't always go the way you planned, but we won't judge you. Bamboo 4.3 is all about providing the power to build your way and the flexibility to adapt on the fly. Set multiple build triggers for your Plans, choose an arbitrary revision to build from, customize manual stage configs at runtime, even re-run successful builds when you need a "do-over".

 With out-of-the-box support for Tomcat, Heroku, SCP and SHH, deploys are just a few clicks away. Send builds to your own Tomcat server, straight into the cloud (thanks to our friends at Heroku), or upload files to your humble PHP hosting provider.

Bamboo 4.3 is ready for anything. And so are you.



Deploy your apps to Tomcat

Start, stop, reload, deploy and undeploy applications in any Tomcat 6.x and 7.x server. Tomcat tasks make it easy to automatically deploy and manage applications on Tomcat as simple as a few clicks.

Deploy web applications with Heroku

Deploying your Java web application to the cloud has been made easy thanks to our friends over at Heroku. Configure your application name, API token, the WAR file to deploy and click 'Run'.

Upload files to remote servers using SCP

Upload and deploy static HTML, JavaScript and PHP & Ruby web applications to remote servers using the SCP Task and execute remote commands using the SSH task.

Tomcat, SSH, SCP and Heroku tasks make it easy to deploy your application anywhere in just a few clicks.

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More ways to build your way

Run a build from any revision

Build, release and deploy off of an exact revision in your Git, Mercurial, Subversion or Perforce repository.

Rebuild in a click

Rebuild in one click to quickly rollback a deployment or shake out any intermittent failing tests.

Parameterized Stages

Change hostnames, deployment targets, passwords and other variables on the fly when running Manual Stages.

Learn more about customizing your build at runtime.

Run a new build from any revision, override variables and change the way your builds at run time

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Get a little Trigger happy

Multiple build triggers

Configure your build to run every time a developer commits and once a day using multiple triggers.

Automatic dependencies for Maven 3 projects

Automatically set up child and parent build dependencies between your plans based on the dependencies in your Maven 3 project.

Trigger dependencies only when all Stages have completed

Configure your build to only trigger child dependency builds when all the Stages of your build have run successfully.

Automatically detect and build new branches from Subversion repositories

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Building in the cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Launch Elastic Bamboo agents in your own Virtual Private Cloud – an isolated section of Amazon AWS that is accessible by its own Virtual Private Network (VPN) that you define – for extra security and peace of mind.

Updated Elastic Image

Elastic Bamboo image has been updated to add support for Grails 1.3.9, 2.0.4, 2.1.1, PHPUnit 3.7, Apache Ant 1.8.4, JDK 6 update 35 and JDK 7 update 7.

Set up a Virtual Private Cloud via the Amazon AWS console and run Elastic Bamboo in your own private cloud (Screenshot of the Amazon AWS Console)

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User Experience

Faster, more filterable Dashboard

Filter the dashboard contents by Project and Plan Labels to personalize the content of your Dashboard. Toggle the filter off to show Plans without a page reload. Pagination shows only the first 50 Plans so the Dashboard loads quicker.

Wallboard for Branches

The branches wallboard displays the status of all the branches and the plan that the branches belong to. The plan's own status always appears first so you always know what state your master branch is in.

Simple configuration of build dependencies

Managing Dependencies for Bamboo servers that have hundreds of Plans has been made simpler with a new design for the Dependencies configuration tab.

Filter the dashboard by Project or Plan Label to personalize your Dashboard content.

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Plus more

Per-user salting of passwords

Each users password is automatically salted, reducing the chances of a rainbow table attack if the Bamboo servers database is compromised. Existing users will be migrated to a salted password when they first login to Bamboo 4.3.

Password metadata is **** out

Passwords on the Run Customized dialog and in the Metadata tab have been password hashed out to obfuscate their plan text values.

Switch between Subversion working copy formats

Switch between Subversion 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 working copy formats used for checkouts in Administration -> Repository Settings -> Subversion.

Download Bamboo 4.3 now. Upgrading to Bamboo 4.3 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance. See the Bamboo 4.3 upgrade guide for more information.

Last modified on Dec 21, 2022

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