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Bamboo release notes

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27 October 2016

Take some time and read through the release notes to learn what we've prepared for you this time. Swing by the upgrade notes to check for any breaking changes if you plan to upgrade and don’t forget to check out the full list of resolved issues.

We're proud to present Branch status!

Having trouble painting the big picture of your branch builds? We've got your back!

Now in just three clicks you can get all branch-related information in one place.

The Branch status page—your command center for browsing and managing branches

  View details and status of build plans that Bamboo runs on the selected branch

  View all plans that are building a specific branch of a linked repository 

  Start, stop, enable, create, and delete plan branches for specific VCS branches directly from the Branch status page

Work with VCS branches of linked repositories

Branch status works for all global (shared or linked) repositories that support branches: Git, Mercurial, SVN, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Server, Stash, GitHub.

View, add, and remove plan branch assignments

Use shortcuts that we've added for your convenience

Bamboo Server loves AWS

Get up and running with Bamboo and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in minutes with the new Bamboo Server EC2 wizard. Run your Bamboo Server on AWS and decrease the overall time and effort spent in setting up and managing infrastructure. 

  No special prerequisites

  No additional configuration

  Easy setup with a wizard

Build plans and deployment projects in YAML (beta)

Configuration as code is cool, so now every administrator can view build plans and deployment projects in the YAML format. As simple as that, go to your build plan or deployment project Configuration > Actions > View as YAML

At this stage, you can work with the YAML file to track the plan or deployment configuration changes. While you're enjoying the beta test drive, we're working on the YAML import functionality that we're planning to deliver in the following Bamboo version.

The format of the YAML file might change in the future Bamboo releases.

Override of repository settings for plan branches

You've probably already tried the overrides of a complete repository definition that have been in Bamboo for a while. With the 5.14 release, we're adding the possibility of overriding a repository branch only:

The feature is available for Git, SVN, and Bitbucket Server repository types and works well with automatic branch creation mechanisms.

Enhancements for Subversion repository configuration

Bamboo 5.14 comes with the additional level of granularity in your SVN repository configuration. We thought you might find it handy for managing multiple projects:

New API for VCS repositories

We've rebuilt the repository subsystem, added new plugin points, and introduced new web repository viewers. 

Action required

Before you upgrade to Bamboo 5.14, check for potential plugin incompatibilities, especially if you're using any plugins that aren't officially supported by Atlassian (third-party plugins, plugins developed in-house, or plugins marked as unsupported on Atlassian Marketplace).

Learn more

Plugins that are particularly prone to incompatibilities and require special attention are those that deal with:

  • automatic plan creation and management
  • automatic plan branch creation and management
  • repository configuration management

We strongly recommend reporting compatibility issues to the plugin vendor and Atlassian Support.

For details about the API changes, see our developer documentation

Resolved issues

Last modified on Jan 20, 2023

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