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Bamboo release notes

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August 2022

We’re proud to present Bamboo 9.0.

Take some time and read through release notes to learn what we've prepared for you in this release. Swing by our upgrade notes  to check for any breaking changes if you plan to upgrade and don’t forget to check out the full list of resolved issues .

Enterprise Data Center Platform upgrade

Atlassian Platform is a set of components upon which we build our products. In Bamboo 9.0, we’re bumping up the Atlassian Platform to version 6 to benefit from the most up-to-date libraries and even better security.

For the list of the changes that you should be aware of to verify the compatibility of the apps you’ve built before upgrading Bamboo, see Bamboo 9.0 upgrade notes .

Improved integration with Bitbucket Cloud

We’ve improved the webhook-based integration of Bamboo with Bitbucket Cloud, making branch, code change, and pull request detection much smoother and more efficient. Not only that, but the new integration enables Specs branches to work with Bitbucket Cloud.

The changes don’t end there — the configuration is also much simpler. Now, instead of going through the process of setting up remote triggers, all you have to do is select a few options to register a webhook and let Bamboo take care of the rest.

For more information, see:

Bamboo migrates to Log4j2

We’ve migrated Bamboo to Log4j 2. This introduces changes to the configuration files that are described in the official documentation .

If you’re using a custom Log4j 1.x configuration with your Bamboo instance, you’ll need to manually migrate it to the Log4j 2.x configuration file format. See Migrating custom logging configurations to Log4j 2.

Faster artifact transfer

We’ve introduced a new option to the artifact creation dialog that lets you toggle file compression during HTTP transfer between an agent and the server on and off. This allows you to optimize the artifact transfer speed depending on the content type.

Learn more about configuring a job's build artifacts.

Bamboo REST API documentation now lives in Swagger

We've moved the Bamboo REST API documentation to Swagger to improve your experience with the docs. The new documentation allows you to search, analyze, and test REST endpoints much easier. Check out the latest REST API documentation for Bamboo 9.0 at Atlassian Developer.

Resolved issues

Last modified on Jun 1, 2023

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