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Bamboo release notes

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July 2020

We are proud to present Bamboo 7.1.

Take some time and read through release notes to learn what we've prepared for you in this release. Swing by our upgrade notes  to check for any breaking changes if you plan to upgrade and don’t forget to check out the full list of resolved issues.


Bamboo webhooks allow you to send selected real-time information about Bamboo to third-party applications. For example, display Bamboo build status in your team's chatroom, or signal an alarm in case a plan fails. For more information, see Using webhooks.


Project variables

Bamboo 7.1 brings you a new variable type - a project variable. Project variables are defined for a specific project, and have the same value for every plan that belongs to the project. If you want to define a variable for a specific plan, define a plan variable as described in Defining plan variables. To read more about project variables, see Defining project variables.

Conditional tasks

Make execution of your tasks more flexible. In Bamboo 7.1, you can mark your tasks as conditional, which means they will run only under certain conditions. You can use variables and regular expressions to create conditions that have to be met to run a task. This way you can skip build steps in plan branches, decide what tasks are mandatory and what could be skipped. You can set conditions for tasks through Bamboo UI or by using Bamboo Specs. For more information, see Configuring tasks.

Synchronizing remote agent capabilities

The Bamboo team is happy to address a long awaiting issue of synchronizing remote agent capabilities. Starting from version 7.1, modifying a remote agent capability in the will also modify that capability in Bamboo. Read more about it in Configuring remote agent capabilities using and Synchronizing remote agent capabilities with Bamboo Server.

Remote agents' workspace cleanup

As of version 7.1, build and deployment workspaces are removed from remote agents' home directories if corresponding entities are removed on Bamboo server. In case of agents with long build history, the cleanup happens gradually, in order to avoid agent unresponsiveness upon upgrade.

Live logs transmission

Excessive logging is known to cause serious performance problems including build result processing timing out (grey builds). One way to mitigate this problem is to turn live log transmission off, which is a new feature in Bamboo 7.1. See Configuring live logs transmission.

Export to YAML Specs

Moving to YAML Specs has never been easier! From now on, you can export your existing plans and deployments to Bamboo YAML Specs automacially. For more information, see Exporting existing plan configurations to Bamboo YAML Specs.

Improvements to Specs branches

We always take your feedback  seriously and we act on it. In Bamboo 7.1 we're addresing some of the most anticipated issues regarding Specs branches:

  • It’s now possible to predefine different configuration for specific branches in Bamboo YAML Specs.
  • You can now define different Bamboo Specs configuration for different Bamboo instances.

Resolved issues

Last modified on Jan 17, 2023

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