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We’ve collected some important notes on upgrading to Bamboo 9.4. For details on all the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in this release, see the Bamboo 9.4 release notes .

Upgrade notes

Here’s some important information you should know about before upgrading.

Bamboo 9.4.2 no longer ships with the JDBC driver for the H2 database engine

To resolve several security vulnerabilities, the JDBC driver for the H2 database engine is no longer bundled with Bamboo 9.4.2 and newer. If you want to evaluate Bamboo using the H2 database, see Connect Bamboo to an H2 database .

Reduced inactivity duration and socket timeout period for remote agents

To resolve a problem with all remote agents being abruptly disconnected, Bamboo 9.4 reduces the maximum remote agent inactivity duration to 90 seconds and introduces a socket timeout of 45 seconds.

If you’re planning to upgrade an existing instance of Bamboo to version 9.4, manually apply the new inactivity duration and socket timeout values to the broker and broker client URLs.

Learn more about the issue and how to resolve it

Changes to the configuration of the Docker task

Bamboo 9.4 introduces several changes to the method of configuring the Docker task:

  • The Docker task no longer supports the dockercfg configuration file format. To continue using the agent-native credentials authentication type, migrate your configuration to Docker’s CLI config.json configuration file format.
  • Docker’s deprecated [-e|--email] authentication option was removed from the Docker task.

Learn how to configure the Docker task

Changes to Clover

The Atlassian Clover and Open Clover Maven plugins no longer support Maven 2.

Deprecation of support for Perforce repositories

Support for Perforce repositories is deprecated and will be removed entirely in a future version of Bamboo.

Changes to supported platforms

See what changes are in store for the supported platforms in Bamboo. For more information about what the latest stable release of Bamboo supports, see Supported platforms .

End-of-support announcements

In this release, we’re deprecating support for the following databases:

  • MySQL 5.7
  • Oracle 12c
  • PostgreSQL 11

Support for the listed databases will be removed entirely in a future version of Bamboo.

New supported platforms

In this release, we’ve added support for:

  • Java 17 on the Bamboo server and agents
  • PostgreSQL 16

How to upgrade Bamboo

See the Bamboo upgrade guide for a complete walk-through of the upgrade process that includes descriptions of all the available upgrade paths, prerequisites, and methods.

Last modified on Jan 22, 2024

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