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We’ve collected some important notes on upgrading to Bamboo 7.2. For details on all the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in this release, see the Bamboo 7.2 release notes.

Upgrade notes

Here’s some important information you should know about before upgrading.

GitHub deprecates username/password authentication for REST API

GitHub has announced the deprecation of the username/password authentication method when authenticating with the REST API. The support for this authentication method will stop completely on November 13th, 2020.

To accommodate for this change, Bamboo will use personal access tokens (PATs) generated in GitHub as a means of authentication for GitHub linked repositories.

For more information on how to create PATs in GitHub, see GitHub documentation. For the complete description of how to add GitHub as your linked repository in Bamboo, see GitHub.

Lucene API deprecation

As part of preparation for Bamboo DC Lucene API is deprecated for app vendors. It will be removed at Bamboo 8.0 without replacement. Apps should use ActiveObjects or Bandana API to keep information previously kept at Lucene indexes.

Database connection pool changes

HikariCP replaces C3p0 as database connection pool implementation. If any tweaks to connection pool configuration are required, refer to HikariCP's official documentation.

Changes to supported platforms

This release of Bamboo does not introduce any changes to supported platforms. For more information about what the latest stable release of Bamboo supports, see Supported platforms.

How to upgrade Bamboo

See the Bamboo upgrade guide for a complete walk-through of the upgrade process that includes descriptions of all the available upgrade paths, prerequisites, and methods.

Last modified on Jan 10, 2023

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