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Please follow the instructions in the general Upgrading JIRA applications guide, as well as the JIRA 7.2.x specific instructions below. The general guide contains important tasks that are essential for getting your upgraded JIRA installation to work correctly and, if necessary, migrating existing configurations.

You should also make sure that your licenses and add-ons are all up-to-date. Removing any incompatible add-ons before upgrading may help you avoid problems during your upgrade process. You can check the compatibility of your add-ons before your upgrade using the JIRA update check.

This page describes known issues as well as changes you should be aware of before deciding whether or not to upgrade to JIRA 7.2.x.

Information for JIRA developers

See Preparing for 7.2 for important information that could affect your add-ons or scripts. Also, see our Java API policy for JIRA.

Information for administrators

Optimizing the upgrade process

When you start the upgrade, JIRA automatically creates an XML backup of your database, which slows down the upgrade process. Since you’re creating your own backup anyway, you can disable the automatic backup before the upgrade.

  1. Stop JIRA.
  2. Edit the jira-config.properties file, located at the root of your JIRA home directory.
    (info) If this file doesn't exist, create it in a text editor. For more info, see Making changes to the jira-config.properties file.
  3. Add the following entry:

  4. Start JIRA.

Performance issues

We’ve noticed that versions 7.2.9 and 7.2.10 have performance issues and show errors while opening pages or finishing some actions. This applies only if you’re usingpostgreSQLand have more than 500k users. To work around it, increase the heap size by 1GB per million users. We’ll release a fix for this in the next bugfix release.

Upgrading from earlier versions

Upgrading from a 7.1 or later version - There are no known issues

Upgrading from a 7.0.x version - There is a known issue regarding gadgets, and there is a workaround described in the JIRA Core 7.1.x upgrade notes.

Upgrading from a version earlier than 7.0 - Please consult the Migration hub as it contains information on important user management, application access and log in changes. 

Last modified on Feb 23, 2018

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