Jira Core 8.14.x release notes

Jira Core release notes

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 Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

 Good to know

If you're thinking to move to Data Center, check our recommendations first. See: Infrastructure recommendations for Jira.

Set context for custom fields as you create them

Custom fields can have two contexts—global and project-specific. The global context used to be the default choice, but such custom fields are applied to all issues in your instance and can affect performance. We’ve made a few simple improvements that will help you choose the right context.

Now, you can select the custom fields' context as you create them. Hopefully, your fellow Jira admin will think twice when choosing one. This should help you limit the number of global custom fields and keep your Jira instance in the best shape possible. Learn more

Personal access tokens

The Jira REST API provides endless opportunities for automation and integration with other systems. For extra peace of mind, you can now create personal access tokens, which are a safe alternative to using a username and password for authentication.

Head to your profile in Jira and select Personal Access Tokens to create a token. You can create up to 10 tokens by default, and set different expiry dates for each. Learn more

Embedded Crowd and password encryption

We are improving security with Embedded Crowd. Starting from Jira 8.14, all passwords that have been kept in the Jira database in plain text will be encrypted. If you're an upgrading user, password encryptions will happen during the upgrade. 

Here's the list of the sensitive data that is encrypted:

  • LDAP directory passwords

  • Remote Crowd directory application passwords

  • Azure AD web application keys

  • SMTP mail passwords

  • Proxy passwords

We also encrypt backup saved passwords.

Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is now bundled with Jira. If you’re looking to move to Cloud, it will help you migrate your projects, issues, boards, and users and groups. Check it out at Administration > System > Migrate to cloudLearn more

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Last modified on Nov 20, 2020

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