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Read the upgrade notes for important details about this release and see the full list of issues resolved.

Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

Meet Jira Service Management

We’re excited to announce Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk. Jira Service Management is an ITSM solution built on Jira to help IT operations and development teams collaborate at high velocity.

Moving away from just a service desk, we welcome you on our journey into the ITSM world. Check the following pages for more info about Jira Service Management and our grand plans for the future.

New events in the audit log DATA CENTER

We’ve added new events to the audit log:

  • SLA conditions created

  • SLA conditions updated

  • Organization associated with project

  • Organization disassociated from project

  • JSM notification rule template updated

  • Email channel updated (password changes)

For more information on available events, see Audit log events in Jira.

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The following features live in the Jira platform, which means they’re available for the whole Jira family — Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management.

Email templates made better DATA CENTER

You can now download email templates for your notifications directly from Jira, which should give you easy access to all the files you need. Once you modify the templates, you can upload them back, and we’ll take care of moving them to all the right places.

After you upgrade to Jira Service Desk 4.14, we’ll copy default templates for Jira mail to your Jira shared home directory. Thanks to that, any changes you make will be retained on future upgrades, with no extra steps needed from you. Learn more

Set context for custom fields as you create them

Custom fields can have two contexts—global and project-specific. The global context used to be the default choice, but such custom fields are applied to all issues in your instance and can affect performance. We’ve made a few simple improvements that will help you choose the right context.

Now, you can select the custom fields' context as you create them. Hopefully, your fellow Jira admin will think twice when choosing one. This should help you limit the number of global custom fields and keep your Jira instance in the best shape possible. Learn more

Personal access tokens

The Jira REST API provides endless opportunities for automation and integration with other systems. For extra peace of mind, you can now create personal access tokens, which are a safe alternative to using a username and password for authentication.

Head to your profile in Jira and select Personal Access Tokens to create a token. You can create up to 10 tokens by default, and set different expiry dates for each. In Jira Data Center, Jira system admins can additionally view all tokens and revoke them at any time. Learn more

Embedded Crowd and password encryption

We are improving security with Embedded Crowd. Starting from Jira 8.14, all passwords that have been kept in the Jira database in plain text will be encrypted. If you're an upgrading user, password encryptions will happen during the upgrade. 

Here's the list of the sensitive data that is encrypted:

  • LDAP directory passwords

  • Remote Crowd directory application passwords

  • Azure AD web application keys

  • SMTP mail passwords

  • Proxy passwords

We also encrypt backup saved passwords.

Accessibility improvements when creating issues

We continue the journey to make our products and services more accessible. This time we’ve brushed-up the Create issue flow. You can now navigate seamlessly through the process with a keyboard. The flow is also more screen readers friendly. Here's what we've introduced:

Enhanced contrast and focus indicators

We’ve enhanced contrast and applied focus indicators (highlighted border effects) to improve keyboard navigation.

Improved toolbars

It’s much easier now to use toolbars. All elements are fully accessible with a keyboard. Use the Tab key to navigate to every item on a page. We’ve added more descriptive tooltips to some buttons. 

Additional assistance for multi-select lists

We’ve tweaked the accessibility of the help and added additional assistance for multi-select lists. 

Simplified elements in drop-down menus

Selecting elements from dropdowns or group pickers is simplified. We’ve made a couple of other tiny improvements that will smooth the flow and boost your overall experience. 

Resolved issues

Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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