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Release notes for earlier versions of Jira Service Management

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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved. 

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Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

Jira Service Desk makeover, part one

We're bringing the first wave of changes to the look and feel of Jira Service Desk. In 3.13, we've updated SLA colors and icons. Take a look...

Previous SLA view

New SLA view

Discover the meaning behind the new colours on SLA clocks at How teams see SLAs. We'll continue to refine the beauty of Jira Service Desk with updates like these over the next few releases.

Guides, guides, everywhere

Are you a software team that uses Jira Service Desk? We’ve created a ‘Best practice’ guide to help you fine-tune your service desk, so that developers and customer service agents can work smarter, together.

tip/resting Created with Sketch.

What does it cover?

  • Getting set up for customer service
  • Collecting effective bug reports from customers
  • Customizing Jira Service Desk's bug report workflow
  • Collaborating with other Jira teams on Jira Service Desk issues
  • Escalating Jira Service Desk issues to other Jira teams

Check it out here.

Small wins, big impact 

We fixed the highest voted for bug!

Jira Service Desk has this cool feature where agents can share a request with everyone in an organization, by adding a special 'custom field' when they create an issue. But service desk agents have been scratching their heads for a while now, wondering why the Organizations field doesn't show, even though Jira is telling them it should be

Well we fixed it. Agents will now see, and can add, the Organizations field to their issues with just the tick of a small check box.

New events in the audit log

With the end of financial year quickly approaching, we're big on audits. You can now check who created a new issue type, and who enabled/disabled the global settings - "Allow unassigned issues".

Help us improve your docs 

The writers here at Atlassian are working hard on improving your docs so that we bring you the right content, at the right time, to help you get s#@t done. But we know we can do better.

If there’s a problem page, a missing page or a page that’s so awesome you’ve printed it out and put it on your fridge, then we want to know about it. Head on over to the Jira Service Desk Server docs, use the prompts at the bottom of any page and tell us how you really feel.

Get ready for archiving projects

We know that big teams often mean lots of projects, which can leave your Jira instance untidy and slow down search. Project archiving will help solve all of that.

Our neighbours in Jira Software and Core have it, and in the not too distant future, Jira Service Desk will be announcing project archiving too! We’re busy dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to ensure our customers get the experience they deserve.

Resolved issues


Our wonderful customers...

You play an important role in making Jira Service Desk better. Thanks to everyone who participated in interviews with us, made suggestions, voted, and reported bugs!

Last modified on Mar 26, 2019

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