Jira Service Desk 4.7.x release notes

Jira Service Management Release Notes

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Read the upgrade notes for important details about this release and see the full list of issues resolved.

Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

Keeping your requests private

Remember that one time you raised a sensitive request and it was shared with the whole organization? Right, we know. From now on, any new request created in the customer portal will be set to private by default, and you’ll need to specifically choose to share it. As for requests raised over email, we created a new option in the Jira Service Desk configuration to let you choose — keep them private or share away with your customers. Learn more

Customer portal

All new requests are private, regardless of how many organizations you’re in. You can still easily share them by choosing your organization in the drop-down menu when raising a request.


If you’re part of only one organization, new requests will still be shared by default. Don’t like it? You can go to Administration > Applications > Jira Service Desk configuration, and make all requests private by default.

Verifying customers' emails

We've added email verification to the customer portal and help center! From now on, when enabling public signup, you can also require that customers verify their email addresses. This adds security to your system and makes sure all customers are exactly who they say they are. Learn more

Setting things right: Agents

We've always treated agents as customers when they act as an approver or comment on requests belonging to the customer's organization. This affected SLAs, statuses on requests, and automation rules, often bringing a lot of confusion to true customers. We've heard your feedback and decided to change it, finally making agents who they're supposed to be—agents. This will most likely affect your requests, so make sure to check out our before and after examples in the upgrade notes. Learn more

More goodness

Notifications about internal activity

Agents and admins working on Service Desk projects and occasionally acting as customers won't receive any notifications about internal comments or changes unless these changes are publicly visible. We've prepared an article describing how to enable such notifications by using features already available in Jira. Learn more

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The following features live in the Jira platform, which means they’re available for the whole Jira family — Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk.

Anonymizing users for GDPR compliance

We’re giving admins the power to anonymize their users, hiding or deleting any data that can identify them. Now, when somebody is leaving your company and requests to have their personal data erased, you can easily fulfill such a request and stay compliant with GDPR and the ‘right to be forgotten’.

You can anonymize users with just a few clicks. We’ll identify and show you any items in Jira that store users’ personal data, and give you a chance to proceed or back off. You can anonymize anyone, even some of your teammates on April Fool’s, but we highly recommend against it — once someone is anonymized, they’re anonymized forever. Learn more

OpenID Connect comes to Jira DATA CENTER

Many enterprises still struggle to use industry-standard user management tools to authenticate to Atlassian. Way back we added SAML support to all of our Data Center products and now we are adding a new authentication option through OpenID Connect integration to enable seamless integration with 3rd party Identity Providers. Learn more

PostgreSQL 11 support

We’re adding PostgreSQL 11 to our supported platforms for Jira Server and Data Center and Aurora PostgreSQL 11.4 for Jira Data Center.

Resolved issues

Issues resolved in 4.7.0

Released on 3 February 2020

T Key Summary Status

Issues resolved in 4.7.1

Released on 10 February 2020

T Key Summary Status

Last modified on Mar 24, 2020

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