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From JIRA Service Desk 2.2, agents can add customers to participate in each other's requests. The landing page of the Customer Portal has been redesigned and it is now possible to customize the global portal with your own logo and name. 

In addition, if you are using version 1 license, agents can now raise a request on behalf of customers. 

15 January 2015


Let customers participate in each other's requests

Prior to this version, customers could not see other people's requests and requests were only between the reporter and agents.

Starting from this version, agents can bring other customers into a request and let multiple customers take part in the conversation.

Agents will see a new field called Request participants on the issue, and can add anyone who's a customer of the service desk to the request. Participants will receive an email notification after they are given access to a request.



Changes to two SLA conditions

Since a request can now be visible to multiple customers and all of them can add comments and receive notifications, the following two SLA conditions have been changed to take participants into consideration.

  1. The "Comment: By Reporter" condition has been renamed to "Comment: By Customer".
    It now means a comment by any participant on the request, including the reporter.
  2. The "Comment: For Reporter" condition has been renamed to "Comment: For Customer".
    It now means a customer-visible comment by someone who isn't a participant.

These two comment conditions are still exactly the same for all requests where there are no participants, so won't affect calculation of existing SLA data. 


An updated Customer Portal

Branding the Customer Portal

By default, the header of the Customer Portal displays Help Center. You can customize it by giving it your own name and uploading a logo. The header will automatically adjust to use a color scheme that matches your logo. 

Search box on the landing page

A search box has been added to the landing page to improve information retrievability of the portal and appears if you've connected Confluence with any service desk. Your customers can now easily search for anything they need to find out across all the spaces of Confluence. If multiple Confluence servers are connected to service desks, only the primary one will be used by the search box on the landing page. 


With the redesign, the following changes are introduced:

  • The My recent requests section has been removed from the landing page to give the page a cleaner layout. You can still easily see the status of the requests by going to the My requests menu in the header. 
  • Now that the header will use the color scheme of the logo, the color scheme of each individual portal has been removed so that the overall look of the Customer Portal remains consistent and clean. The individual portal's logo has been redesigned to be round and  existing logos will be scaled down to fit into the circle. 


Fix list

See Issues resolved in JIRA Service Desk 2.2.

Upgrade information

JIRA Service Desk 2.2 is compatible with JIRA 6.3.8 or later. You'll need to upgrade JIRA to 6.3.8 or later before updating JIRA Service Desk to version 2.2. 

The Request participants field is a new custom field that will automatically get added to the screens of all existing service desk projects after you upgrade to version 2.2. (Note: It will be about 1 to 3 hours for this to complete. We decided to go with this approach instead of updating the screens along with the upgrade because it shortens the site downtime, especially for sites with a large amount of data.)

Last modified on Feb 24, 2015

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