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Read the upgrade notes for important details about this release and see the full list of issues resolved. 

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Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

Smart SLAs based on due date

Service desk teams look at response times to see how well they're tracking, but third party delays can make response times appear worse than they actually are. 

Good news! We've added the condition Due Date: Not Passed to let you pause an SLA until a set time in the future – let's say when a hardware shipment is due to be delivered.

Here's how this might look...

In a flash, you’ve created an SLA that frees up your agents for more pressing things and gives you an accurate picture of performance. Read Example: creating an SLA based on due date for more information.

Share edit rights for filters and dashboards

We (thumbs up) filters here, as they let you quickly display popular search results and share them with other team members. Until now, however, changing a filter that you didn’t create was virtually impossible. 

You'll be pleased to hear that you can now choose who can view and edit your filters. This will allow multiple people in your team to surface and share information. And hey, dashboards are only a tab away from filters, so you'll find these changes there too!

A new look for the Custom fields page

To improve Jira performance and make the Custom fields page easier to read, we've introduced pagination. Instead of browsing a long list of all custom fields, you can view them page by page. We've also added a quick search to help you find what you need, faster. 

There's a few other handy tweaks you can check out for yourself at  > Issues > Fields > Custom Fields.

Better docs for knowledge base users

Ready to take your first step towards self-service? Looking for ways to maximize your existing integration with a Confluence knowledge base?

We've created a step by step guide to help your team capture, store and share their knowledge with each other and with your customers. It's bursting with tips and tricks on writing useful How-To articles, as well as how to make articles findable. It even walks you through the ins and outs of permissions and licenses. 

You can find it at Set up a knowledge base for self-service. Be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of the page so that we can give you the guidance that you need.  

End of support announcement for com.atlassian.fugue

Jira Service Desk 3.15 has deprecated the use of com.atlassian.fugue and will be permanently removing it in Jira Service Desk 4.0.

You can read the full deprecation notice for next steps, and if you have any questions – post them in the Atlassian Developer Community

Custom fields optimizer (Jira Service Desk Data Center)

Custom fields can have a huge impact on the performance of your instance, especially if they’re not configured in the best way. Now, you can scan your custom fields and Jira will highlight those that can be optimized.

You can also view the highlighted custom fields and projects that use them and change their configuration with the click of a button. All of this without the risk of affecting your issues, projects, or the values stored in your custom fields. Learn more at Optimizing custom fields.

Resolved issues


Our wonderful customers...

You play an important role in making Jira Service Desk better. Thanks to everyone who participated in interviews with us, made suggestions, voted, and reported bugs!

Last modified on Dec 31, 2018

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