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Below are some important notes on upgrading to Jira Service Management 4.16. For details on the new features and improvements in this release, see the Jira Service Management 4.16.x release notes.

 Upgrade notes

Security advice: Allowing customers to raise requests

We’ve published a security advice regarding the setting “Anyone can email the service project or raise a request in the portal” that can be set in Administration > Applications > Jira Service Management configuration. If you’re using this setting, make sure to read it. For more info, see Managing access to your service project.

Known issue: Custom fields can't be deleted on a single node Data Center instance

You won't be able to delete any custom fields if your Data Center instance is running on a single node. We've confirmed this bug and will release a fix for it in the next bugfix release. You can read more about it and available workarounds here.

Changes to the web.xml file

As mentioned in the Jira Service Management 4.15 upgrade notes, we've made changes to the web.xml file while working on improvements for image attachments. These changes affect paths to servlets responsible for attachments, and it's important that you use the new web.xml file (by copying your modifications to it) after upgrading. Otherwise, Jira will look for old servers and attachments won't be displayed. Read more about a related issue

Avoid data pipeline exports when upgrading Jira

You should not attempt to export data using the data pipeline API while performing a zero downtime upgrade.

If you have been using the data pipeline, we recommend you make a GET request to the following endpoint to confirm that an export is not in progress before upgrading to Jira 8.16.


If the status it returns is "status": "STARTED" you should either wait for the export to complete, or make a DELETE request to cancel the export.

Changes to data pipeline REST responses

We’ve made some minor changes to the responses returned when you make a request to the data pipeline API. We now include a config section with details of the request, such as the fromDate. See Data pipeline for example responses.

Known vulnerability in the BKS-V1 keystore format

If you’re running Jira over SSL, we’d like to bring your attention to a security vulnerability of the BKS-V1 keystore format, provided by the BouncyCastle library. We strongly recommend that you don’t use it in your Jira instance. Learn more

Upgrading Insight - Asset Management

Insight - Asset Management has been part of Jira Service Management Data Center since version 4.15. When you upgrade to the new version, Insight will be upgraded automatically without any issues. However, if you were using this app on earlier versions (or if you're using an equivalent Insight app from Marketplace), you might need to complete some pre-upgrade steps.

For more info about the steps, see Upgrading Insight with Jira Service Management.

 End of support announcements

  • Advance notice: We're deprecating PostgreSQL 9.6, and plan to remove it in Jira Service Management 4.19.

For the list of supported platforms, see Supported platforms.

 App developers

See Preparing for Jira 8.16 for any important changes regarding apps.

 Upgrade procedure

  • See Upgrading Jira applications for complete upgrade procedures, including all available upgrade methods and pre-upgrade steps. 

  • For a more tailored upgrade, go to Jira administration > Applications > Plan your upgrade. We’ll recommend a version to upgrade to, run pre-upgrade checks, and provide you with a custom upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.
Last modified on Jul 19, 2021

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