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v2.2.6 20th June 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team is pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.6. We've fixed the following:

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This release also includes the following minor bug fixes:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

v2.2.5 22nd May 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team is pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.5. This release includes a number of minor bug fixes, listed below:

  • We've corrected a help link within the application that pointed to the Cloud version of our documentation instead of the Server version.
  • We've corrected an error where the scenario indicator wasn't displaying when it should. We gave it a stern talking to and it's now displaying correctly.
  • Deep in the bowels of Portfolio, the AOQueryGenerator class was generating invalid SQL statements during events. This could only be problematic if you were using external scripts that rely on Portfolio statements. We've now corrected this, and our statements are correct in this release.

v2.2.4 30th March 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team is pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.4. This release includes an enhancement to our filters, which now includes sub-tasks when filtering via the Teams drop-down, resolving:

  JPO-1740 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Once you upgrade, you may need to re-index your instance for the filter to work correctly, but we'll prompt you to do so if this is required.

We've also fixed a minor formatting issue with the scope table date picker in Firefox 50 and above.

Enjoy using Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.4!

v2.2.3 14th March 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team are proud to announce the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.3, which includes the following updates and issues.

Plan visibility can be set on creation

We've added the option to make a plan private when you're creating it, which means the only person that can view that plan is you. No one else in your JIRA instance, including JIRA administrators and system administrators, will be able to view the plan.  

Set visibility at step 1 of the Create a plan wizard

If you want to open the plan up later, you can change the visibility in Plan access, and allow other users or groups to view and/or edit the plan.  

Change Plan access

Completion date filter

We've updated the Completion date filter to use a default setting of Last 30 days when applied.  We've also changed the wording in the  filter from  Completed since beginning of to  Completed issues from.

Original wording

New wording

Label suggestions is now case insensitive

In JIRA 7.2.x and below, when adding labels the label suggestions were case sensitive, which meant you could miss label suggestions if you weren't aware of the letter casing. We've fixed this in JIRA 7.3 and above, so that suggestions shown are now case insensitive, showing you all the possible combinations. In Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.3, we now respect that behaviour for all labels. In the example below, previously the suggestions would not have contained refactor, regression, release, or releaseRetro as they don't start with an upper case 'R'. 

Case insensitive label suggestions

Fixed issues

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v2.2.2 7th February 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team announces the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.2, which includes bug fixes.

Key Status Summary Votes

v2.2.0 24th January 2017

The Portfolio for JIRA team announces the release of Portfolio for JIRA 2.2.0, which includes the following features:

Plan baselining and target dates

With the target dates you can setup baselines for you and your team to track your work against over time.

This feature will allow you to draft and visualize your long-term planning, set a baseline to track your plan over time and compare the current plan status with the originally planned schedule, you can also use it to define high-level estimates on issues.

Assign target dates in bulk

Select the boxes sitting next to your issues to set and add or remove target dates in bulk.

Learn more about target dates and how to assign target dates in bulk here.

Schedule range filter

It filters the backlog and scheduling view to only show issues that are scheduled within the selected time period as well as those containing target dates.This option also lets you filter by unestimated items.

Learn how to use your filters here.

Multiple scenario planning

This feature allows you to experiment with different scenarios and commit the changes to JIRA Software.

Learn how plan with multiple scenarios here.

Fixed issues

Key Status Summary Votes

Last modified on Oct 16, 2017

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