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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved

Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible Jira applications, look no further:

Jira Software 7.13 is a Long Term Support release
This means we'll provide bug fix releases until 7.13 reaches end of life, to address critical security, stability, data integrity, and performance issues. 
Ready to upgrade? Check out the Jira Software 7.13 Long Term Support release change log for a roll-up of changes since 7.6. 

Next Long Term Support release is coming!

Jira 8.5 will be our next Long Term Support release, coming around Q3 this year. If you’d like to jump on the latest and greatest Jira 8, start planning for your upgrade targeting this time frame.

AdoptOpenJDK 8 comes to Jira

Oracle will stop providing public updates for Oracle JDK 8 in January. This means that only Oracle customers with a paid subscription or support contract will be eligible for updates.  

In order to provide you with another option, we now support running Jira 7.13 with AdoptOpenJDK 8. AdoptOpenJDK is free to use, and provides regular maintenance and security updates. Paid support for AdoptOpenJDK is also available from organisations such as IBM. 

We'll continue to support running Jira with Oracle JDK / JRE 8.

End of year Long Term Support release roundup

It's been a few months since Jira 7.6 was designated our first Long Term Support release so let's look at how it compares to standard releases this year.

We made a new 7.6.x bug fix version available about every 4 - 6 weeks, and backported many important stability and performance fixes from later releases. 

Organizations choose the Long Term Support release for different reasons. For some, it's the chance to schedule regular minor version upgrades throughout the year, and for others it's the ability to react quickly to a serious issue or vulnerability, without the overhead of upgrading to a new feature version. 

Whether you choose an Long Term Support release or a standard release, always remember to grab the most recent bug fix version to make sure your Jira is the best it can be.

If you'd like to upgrade to a new Long Term Support release, go ahead and download Jira 7.13.1 (or any later bugfix), which has a number of backported fixes and improvements. The whole 7.13 line has been officially designated as an Long Term Support release.

Long Term Support releases, performance-wise

For every Jira release, we run extensive performance tests to compare the latest version to the previous one. This is to see how the new features affect Jira, and to make sure we’re not introducing any performance regressions.

We’re also comparing performance between Jira Long Term Support releases. These are usually a few versions apart, so the improvements are much more visible than between smaller, feature releases.

You can see the results of our Jira 7.6 ER to Jira 7.13 ER performance comparison in Performance and scale testing.

Resolved issues

Last modified on Dec 16, 2020

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