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Here are some important notes on upgrading to Jira Software 9.1.x.

 Upgrade notes

Improved indexing management at Jira start-up

In this release, we’ve made Jira start-up procedure much more resilient. Now, when you’re starting multiple nodes, Jira will ensure that each of them ends up with a healthy index.

For more details about the introduced changes, go to Index management on Jira start-up.

Remove application monitoring early access preview

If you participated in our early access program, you’ll need to make some changes as the monitoring agent is now included with Jira. You must remove the EAP monitoring agent and associated system properties before you upgrade, or Jira may fail to start or encounter problems.

Before you upgrade:

  1. Remove the following system properties. See Setting properties and options on startup to check how to do this for your site.

    -javaagent:<jira-install-directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib/insights-monitoring-java-agent-0.1.x.jar -Datlassian.org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation.extra=META-INF.insights,com.atlassian.insights.*,org.aspectj.*,io.prometheus.* -Dorg.aspectj.weaver.loadtime.configuration=META-INF/insights/aop.xml
  2. Remove the insights-monitoring-java-agent-0.1.x.jar from your <install-directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib directory.

You don’t need to remove the JMX exporter, or the -javaagent:<full-path-to-jmx-exporter-jar>=<port>:<full-path-to-jmx-exporter-config.yml> system property.

After upgrading, follow the steps in Monitor application performance to check that monitoring is turned on. We’ve also updated the Grafana dashboards, so be sure to download the latest version from our repo.

  End of support announcements

This release does not include any end of support announcements. For the list of supported platforms, see Supported platforms.

 App developers

See Preparing for Jira 9.1 for any important changes regarding apps.

 Upgrade procedure

Upgrading from a Jira version 9.x.x? 

  • See Upgrading Jira applications for complete upgrade procedures, including all available upgrade methods and pre-upgrade steps. 

  • For a more tailored upgrade, go to Jira administration > Applications > Plan your upgrade. We’ll recommend a version to upgrade to, run pre-upgrade checks, and provide you with a custom upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.
Last modified on Jul 21, 2022

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