Jira Software 9.2.x upgrade notes

Here are some important notes on upgrading to Jira Software 9.2.x.

Upgrading from 8.x to 9.x triggers full Jira reindex that causes some downtime during the process. If you’re on 8.x now, make sure you’ve estimated the downtime and set the best time for the upgrade.

Learn more about how to handle full reindex and estimate downtime

 Upgrade notes

Jira pickers improvements

Following the project picker updates introduced in Jira 8.21, we’ve made adjustments to other dropdown menus in the app. Instead of initially loading all the available items for a particular picker, we now only display 100 items on the list. 

This change improves rendering time when creating or editing an issue as well as using ComponentPriority, and Version pickers in basic search mode. It also allows you to remain performant at scale even when the number of items to render is growing.

As part of the introduced changes, we've added new API endpoints to query versions, components, issue types, resolutions, statuses, and priorities. 

OAuth 2.0 for outgoing mail

We’ve enabled OAuth 2.0 authorization for outgoing mail servers. Google and Microsoft are still supported as providers along with the SMTP protocol available for connection. So, now, you can set up both your incoming and outcoming mail servers to use OAuth 2.0, providing tight security around Jira integrations and connections with third-party apps.

In the configuration for your outgoing mail, you can choose from available authentication methods, which depend on your provider, or enable the use of a JNDI location. When the configuration is ready, you can test the connection before applying the changes.

Diagnostic recording configuration with JFR

We’ve added the ability to configure diagnostic recording via the user interface and REST endpoints with Java Flight Recorder (JFR). Now, to get the desired information, you can configure the amount of recorded data to simplify and improve problem diagnostics.

To do this, you can adjust the following JFR settings: Maximum recording age, Maximum recording size, and Thread dumps recording interval. By playing with these settings, you get the power to boost troubleshooting on your instance and, as a result, fix problems faster and more effectively.

Learn more about the feature and introduced changes

  End of support announcements

This release does not include any end of support announcements. For the list of supported platforms, see Supported platforms.

 App developers

See Preparing for Jira 9.2 for any important changes regarding apps.

 Upgrade procedure

Upgrading from a Jira version 9.x.x? 

  • See Upgrading Jira applications for complete upgrade procedures, including all available upgrade methods and pre-upgrade steps. 

  • For a more tailored upgrade, go to Jira administration > Applications > Plan your upgrade. We’ll recommend a version to upgrade to, run pre-upgrade checks, and provide you with a custom upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.
Last modified on Oct 24, 2022

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