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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved

Compatible applications

If you're looking for compatible JIRA applications, look no further:

Kanban boards just got faster

Is your team so productive, their 'Done' column is always overflowing? Too many issues on a board can slow it down and make you scroll way too much. To fix this, we’re bringing what we’ve codenamed “Fast Kanban”—a way to keep your board fresh and clean, and as quick as a flash. 

The idea behind it is simple. The ‘Done’ column will now show only issues that have been updated (in any way) in the last 2 weeks, hiding the rest. Less noise on your board means happier teams. Any project admin can change the retention period, or choose to display all issues, if they prefer. Learn more

Searching just got more powerful

When you link your development tools to JIRA Software, you get the benefits of seeing the development info when you're viewing an issue. That's cool, right? What's even cooler is if you could query that information. Well, now you can. Imagine the power to query your next release, and find all issues that still have open pull requests? In an advanced search, you would enter something like:

fixVersion = 7.8.0 AND development[pullrequests].open > 0

This would return all issues with a fix version of 7.8.0, and that have open pull requests linked to them. How about how many builds are failing in your project? Try:

project = ABC AND development[builds].failing > 0

Adding development information to your JQL gives you more visibility of your development tools in one place, JIRA Software. This lets you make better informed decisions on your development and work, helps you build a better, more reliable release pipeline, and ensures you deliver higher quality releases to your happy customers. Learn more

Find the right version using a wildcard

Searching through version fields with a wildcard is one of the most demanded features suggested by our users, and today we’re making it happen. Whether it’s 9, 9.1, or any other derivative you’re looking for, you can now find it with a simple query that uses the ~ operator and an asterisk to indicate the location of unknown characters (regardless of how many there are).

For example, to find all issues within the 9.x line, your search query would look like this: fixVersion ~ “9.*”. Go ahead, try it out, and bring some beauty to your queries! Learn more

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

We're welcoming another supported database to our family—Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Learn more

Async cache replication in JIRA Data Center

We've changed the cache replication in JIRA Data Center to asynchronous. It improves the stability of the cluster, and removes cache inconsistencies between the nodes. You can read more about it in the upgrade notes.

Small improvements to make your day

  • Delimiters for CSV
    You can now choose one of the four most commonly used delimiters when exporting your issues to CSV. These are comma, semicolon, vertical bar, and caret (this one: ^). Give it a try, search for some issues, then hit Export > CSV in the top-right corner.

  • Disabling empty JQL queries
    When you use a filter with an empty JQL query, it will retrieve all possible issues, which can have a serious impact on performance when used in your boards and gadgets. To avoid this, we’ve added a global setting that lets you decide how an empty JQL query behaves: either returning all issues (like it does now), or no results at all. Learn more

  • New events in the audit log
    We've added new events for boards (created, deleted) and sprints (deleted). 

  • IPv6 for MySQL databases
    You can now connect JIRA to your MySQL database using an IPv6 address. Learn more

Resolved issues

Last modified on Dec 31, 2018

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