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Atlassian Supported Plugins

Sharepoint Connector for Confluence

The SharePoint Connector for Confluence's knowledge base articles can be found here.

Office Connector

Check out Office Connector's limitation page.

Team Calendars for Confluence for Confluence

Refer to Team Calendars for Confluence Troubleshooting

Atlassian Plugin Repository Client

Refer to the Troubleshooting Confluence Atlassian Plugin Repository Client page.


Check out Troubleshooting WebDAV page.

Confluence Questions

Check out Troubleshooting Confluence Questions Plugin.

Other supported plugins

For help on each plugin, visit the plugins home page and find it's corresponding issue tracker.

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Unsupported Plugins

Visit the home page from the plugin index. Often the author will respond to comments there. View the Atlassian Supported Add-ons policy.

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Page: Exceeds max allowed packet for MySQL Page: SharePoint Connector Limitations and Known Issues Page: 'org.osgi.framework.BundleException' problems when loading plugins due to class loading Page: Unable to Import Templates when Multiple Template Bundles are Available Page: Pagetree Macro Spins when Viewed Using Internet Explorer Due to Invalid HTML Page: Space Activity graphs are not displayed Page: Unable to Exit Plugin Support Mode due to IllegalStateException Page: System Error when Configuring IM Presence Plugin Page: Clicking on Plugin Repository, Office Connector Configuration, WebDAV Configuration, or Configure Whitelist yields 'Page Not Found' in 2.10.x Page: Space or Global Activity History is Lost After Restoring Site XML Backup Page: 'The Plugin Version I Expected is Not What I Found' Appears in Logs Page: Livesearch Not Working Due to Incorrect Server Base URL Page: RSS Macro, JIRA Issues Macro and Plugin Repository do not Render due to Web Proxy Page: 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Null space key in spaces list' in Recently Updated Macro Due to New Macro Page: Bookmark is Not Created when Using the Social Bookmarking Plugin Due to Server Base URL Page: 'Found file, but failed to read file' Causes Loss of Standard Functionality Page: Unable to Install Plugins Page: Unable to Enable Applinks Plugin Due to Invalid State Page: Cannot Revert to Previous Page Version when Scaffolding Plugin is Installed Page: Page Containing Chart Macro Throws 'NoClassDefFoundError' Page: Dynamic Tasklist Does Not Display Due to Duplicate Plugin Page: Some Notifications Fail to Be Triggered for Watched Pages Page: Usage Tracking Plugin and Mail Page Plugin Become Disabled Mysteriously Page: Chart Macro Fails to Render due to Problem in Class Initialisation Page: HTML Macros Fail after Upgrading to 3.4 or Later Due to External URL References to Local Resources Page: Office Connector Limitations and Known Issues Page: Plugins Malfunctioning When Installed by Saving Them in The Confluence Installation Directory Page: Troubleshooting Confluence Atlassian Plugin Repository Client Page: 'java.lang.LinkageError JAXB 2.0 API is being loaded from the bootstrap classloader' Error During Startup Page: Universal Plugin Manager Inaccessible or Does Not Show Any Plugins Page: Titles in recently-updated-dashboard Macro are Missing after Upgrading from 3.3.x to 3.4 Page: NoSuchMethodError when using the usage macro Page: Unable to Enable Workbox's Notifications and Tasks - Host Plugin Due to NoClassDefFoundError Page: Workbox Notifications Loading Indefinitely Page: Cannot Display a Confluence page with a Team Calendars for Confluence macro in a JIRA Page Gadget Page: A mention didn't show up in my workbox Page: The XML content could not be parsed Page: ORA-00955: Name is Already Used by an Existing Object Page: Workbox Appears Blank When Using Internet Explorer Page: The ResourceConfig instance does not contain any root resource classes Error in Logs Page: Workbox doesn't load notifications and tasks and sometimes throw an exception Page: Some pages are not displaying in contentbylabel macro, despite containing the label being searched Page: Blueprints Templates Still Shows Despite Disabling Confluence Blueprints Bundle Plugins Page: Getting JsonParseException Stack Trace While Attempting to Load the Workbox Notifications Page: "Unable to read specified calendar" Error While Subscribing To a Google Calendar via Team Calendars for Confluence Page: Workbox notifications throws 500 response error Page: "java.lang.ClassCastException: com.atlassian.confluence.pages.Page cannot be cast to com.atlassian.confluence.pages.BlogPost" Error While Rendering Blog Post Macro Page: Error when inserting Agile Burndown Chart: An Internal error When requesting Resource Page: IE leads to Bad Request ERROR When Trying to Delete a Calendar Events Page: Certain tasks do not show up in the Task Report Macro Page: Blog Posts Macro Throws an Error 'Execute Already Included Page' When Invalid Label is Specified Page: Confluence Question Plugin Encoding Issue in Question's Title on Environment with SSL and Proxy Page: 'Edit in Word' Requires Login or Doesn't Work at All Page: "Track another decision/Create decision" button no longer works Page: Activity Stream Gadget in Confluence 3.1 Causes High CPU Usage Page: Atlassian OAuth Service Provider Plugin is Disabled After Upgrade Page: Atlassian Support Tools displays page not found Page: Blank 'What's new' dialog Page: Blog Post Macro is not Showing Any Posts Page: Cannot disable Usage Statistics Plugin Via the User Interface after Upgrading Page: Cannot Enable Applinks Plugin in Confluence Due to Shared Access Layer Page: Cannot Set View when Inserting Team Calendars for Confluence to a Page: 'View' Menu Missing Page: Comment Box Disappears: $soyTemplateRendererHelper.getRenderedTemplateHtml Page: Conflicted Features between Share Plugin & Mail Page Plugin in Confluence 3.5.x Page: Confluence and Team Calendars for Confluence Do Not Detect Browser Language Preference Page: Confluence logs show XHTML exception reports. Page: Confluence REST or Plugin Function Requests Returned 404 Not Found Page: Team Calendars for Confluence Cannot be Enabled Due to a ClassCastException Error Page: Content of a Page Displayed as Unknown marco: 'unmigrated-wiki-markup' Page: Dashboard tabs are not shown due to IndexOutOfBoundsException error Page: Drop-down menu background transparent in 4.3.x Page: Error: Failed to Load Main-Class Manifest Attribute When Opening Plugin in Windows Page: Error rendering macro calendar Page: Error rendering WebPanel: No renderer found for resource type Page: Error trying to draw image gallery Page: Expand Macro inserting extra line when inserting a weblink in confluence 3.5.x or older Page: Gadgets Do Not Load Properly Page: HTML Macro is not working due to third-party Plugin Page: Inserting a Page Tree macro between strong XHTML tags breaks its functionality Page: Invalid Credentials when configuring the Sharepoint Connector for Confluence Page: JavaScript inserted using HTML macro cannot be executed Page: JSON parsing error thrown during System Startup Page: Like Button not Working after Upgrade Page: Missing settings in Code Macro configuration window Page: PageTree Macro Appears to Fail in Imported Space Page: Page Tree macro shows 'Loading' indefinitely Page: Plugin does not enable due to Unable to enable web fragment error message Page: Recently Updated Macro Showing a Blank Screen Page: Searching Using Quick Search Does Not Work Page: Team Calendars for Confluence Names Are Shown As Ellipsis Page: Team Calendars for Confluence Fail to Load Page: Team Calendars for Confluence Send Email Notifications to Users that Are Not Related to the Calendar Page: Team Calendars for Confluence Unable to Load Events from JIRA Calendar Page: Tools Menu Not Available In Any Page Page: Troubleshooting Confluence Questions Plugin Page: Troubleshooting Error "Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found." Page: Unable to Access Pages After Upgrading Documentation Theme Plugin Page: Unable to Add External Gadget Due to Mixed Content Page: Unable to install plugins using MS SQL due to transaction log exceptions Page: Unable to Update Jira Issues Plugin Page: Updating or installing plugins takes a very long time because of SharePoint Connector for Confluence Page: User List Macro displays 'User list not rendered as you do not have the privilege to view user profiles.' Page: Workbox notification icon is not Shown when using Chrome extension 'Do Not Track Plus' Page: Creating Support Request causes Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size Page: Confluence Browser keep loading after disabling Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin Core Page: Error Sending HipChat Notification Page: Confluence Source Editor Button Is Not Visible During Page Edit Page: Inline Comment Popup Does Not Show For Certain Users Page: Unable to enable Team Calendars for Confluence with the error "Configuration problem: Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema" Page: Duplicate versions of the same plugin cause Confluence to render broken, "Page Not Found" pages Page: Documentation Theme Broken and Side Navigation Bar Missing Post-Confluence Upgrade Page: The table plugindata is full Page: Page Not Found when navigating to Manage Add-Ons (UPM: /plugins/servlet/upm) Page: 'Page Not Found' when navigating to Confluence Questions due to com.mysema.query.QueryException