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Level 6, 341 George St
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1098 Harrison Street
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Does your company, have a stable financial background and profile? 

Yes. As we are listed on the NASDAQ, we open our financial report as IR information.

Does your company have satisfied customers who can provide you with a reference? If yes, provide details.

Yes. We have lots of customer  case studies  and  voice of the customer interviews and references are often available on request.

Please provide your number of employees/consultants/developers.

3,500+ employees and growing daily!

Please give a brief overview of your company’s history.

From  About us :
  • Co-CEOs started the company in college with a $10,000 credit card
  • Founded in 2002
  • 174,000+ customers using our products

  • Global offices in 7 countries, 5000+ employees.

  • Recorded $1.6 billion in revenue in FY2020
  • Over 100 million donated in Community licenses
  • 1% donated of all profits, employee time, and equity
  • Top clients include Facebook, NASA, Netflix, Twitter, Audi, LinkedIn, Netflix, Zynga, eBay, DowJones, BMW, and Nike. See more at  atlassian.com/customers .

Atlassian Products

For detailed descriptions and overviews of all of Atlassian's software development and collaboration tools visit our website.

Plan, Track, & Support
Jira Software Plan, track, and release world-class software with the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.
Jira Service ManagementGive your customers an easy way to ask for help and your agents a fast way to resolve incidents.
Jira Core

Manage any business project including marketing campaigns, HR onboarding, approvals and legal document reviews.

OpsgenieOn-call and alert management to keep services always on.

Incidents happen. Keep your users informed and ditch the flood of support emails during downtime.

TrelloCollaborate and get more done. Trello boards enable your team to organize projects in a fun, flexible, and visual way.
Collaborate & Chat
ConfluenceSpend more time getting things done. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.
Code, Build, & Ship
BitbucketCollaborate on code and manage your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team.
BambooContinuous integration, deployment, and release management.

Search, monitor, and track across SVN, Git, and Perforce repositories.


Find bugs and improve code quality through peer code review.

Manage Users


The single sign-on and identity management tool that's easy to use, administer, and integrate.

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Confluence Supported Platforms

About Confluence Supported Platforms

See this page in documentation.

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General Confluence Information

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Content collaboration between teams?Yes

Team Collaboration Feature Tour

Integration with Atlassian JIRA for agile development requirements and planning?Yes

Agile Development Feature Tour

Technical documentation?Yes

Developing Technical Documentation on Confluence

Intranet?YesUse Confluence as your Intranet
Knowledge Base?YesUsing Confluence as a Knowledge Base
Organize content into separate site sections?Yes

Working with Spaces

Create pages with rich content? (links, tables, bullet lists, images, etc.)Yes

Embedding Content in the Page

Using the Editor  

Use a Rich Text / WYSWIG editing interface for page creation?Yes

Using the Editor

Create page hierarchies?Yes

Working with Pages

Store documents/attachments?Yes

Working with Attachments

Is Confluence available on mobile?YesConfluence Mobile
Is Confluence mobile app available for all iOS, Android, and Windows?Yes*

Get the Confluence Cloud mobile app (Cloud)

*iOS app available for Confluence Cloud customers.

Creating blogs?Yes

Working with Blogs

User profiles?YesYour user profile
Customizing user profiles?OtherExtend via plugin
Hosting option: Behind the Firewall (BTF) / Self-hosted / ServerYes
Hosting option: Hosted / CloudYes
SaaS Sla?No
Planned maintenance communication for SaaS?YesSee  Cloud Maintenance Windows
Access to source code?Yes (Server only)How is Confluence Server licensed?
1 to 1 chat?NoSee HipChat + HipChat and Confluence integration
Forms and/or surveysOtherExtend via form and survey plugins
Is customization of the solution available?YesAll hosting options: https://marketplace.atlassian.com
Server: Source code is available
Cloud: Compare Atlassian cloud vs server 
English as the default language for solution?Yes
Other languages?YesServer: translations.atlassian.com  
Cloud: Manage your language preferences
Scalable solutions in regards to functionality and performanceYes

(info) Compare Atlassian cloud vs server

Licensing and Purchasing

Licensing questionAnswerMore Information
What is the price of Confluence Server?User tier basedServer pricing details
What is the price of Confluence Cloud?User tier basedCloud pricing details   
What licenses do I need for Confluence
as a knowledge base for JIRA Service Desk integration?

Authors/JSD Agents need a license

Customers are free (no license required)

Do you have unlimited license option?Yes (Server only)Server pricing details
Is there a renewal cost for Confluence Server license?No
Is there a maintenance renewal cost for Confluence Server?YesHow much is it to renew my Confluence software maintenance?
Is support included with license purchase?Yes
Product demoOther
Implementation assistanceOtherBy Atlassian Experts 

(info) Confluence Licensing and Pricing FAQ

User Management and Security

Can Confluence...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Invite users to signup for site access?Yes

A dding and Inviting Users

Allow Users to be managed in larger groups?Yes

Adding or Removing Users in Groups

Integrate with LDAP/AD for authentication?Yes (Server only)

Connecting to an LDAP Directory

Delegate user management to Atlassian JIRA?Yes

Connecting to Crowd or JIRA for User Management

Connect to a Single Sign On tool?Yes (Server only)

Connecting to Crowd or JIRA for User Management  

Use CAPTCHA for signup, login and content creation?Yes

Enabling Public Signup and CAPTCHA

Support SSL encryption?Yes

Running Confluence Over SSL or HTTPS

Restrict read/write access at the space level?Yes

Space Permissions Overview

Restrict read/write access to individual pages?Yes

Page Restrictions

Restrict content access based on group?Yes

Assigning Space Permissions

Open up content to public access?Yes

Setting Up Public Access

Access privileges based on roles ( authors, approvers,
admins, internal users, external users, project teams, etc.)


Content Creation

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Text formatting?Yes

Working with Text Effects

Creating and editing articlesYesCreate a  page
Creating links to internal and external pages?Yes

Working with Links

Embedding images and image galleries?Yes

Displaying Images

Inserting sortable tables?Yes

Working with Tables

Inserting macros for dynamic content and additional page functionality?Yes

Working with Macros

Page layouts, sections, and columns?Yes

Working with Page Layouts

Shortcuts to insert formatting, links, images and macros?Yes

Keyboard Shortcuts

Autoformatting text, tables, symbols, emoticons?Yes

Using Autocomplete

Markup language for editing pages?No
Content approvers and workflows?OtherPlugins
Page drafts?Yes

Working with Drafts

Embedding Activity Streams?Yes

Activity Stream Macro

Collaborative editingYes
Concurrent editing?Yes

Concurrent Editing and Merging Changes

Sectional editingNo
Feature Request: CONF-5913 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Bulk edit (find and replace)No
Embedding code with syntax highlighting?Yes

Code Block Macro

Displaying user statistics on contributed page content?Yes

Contributors Macro

Inserting content from another page for re-use?Yes

Excerpt Include Macro

Including HTML code on a page?Yes

HTML Macro

Insert JIRA Issues on a page?Yes

JIRA Issues Macro

Embedding Multimedia (Audio, Video) on a page?Yes

Multimedia Macro

Embedding MS Powerpoint files on a page?Yes

Office PowerPoint Macro

Embedding MS Word files on a page?Yes

Office Word Macro

Embedding MS Excel files on a page?Yes

Office Excel Macro

Embedding PDF files on a page?Yes

PDF Macro

Displaying recently updated content?Yes

Recently Updated Macro

Displaying the contents of RSS Feeds?Yes

RSS Feed Macro

Displaying table of contents of a page?Yes

Table of Contents Macro

Tasklists on a page?Yes

Tasklist Macro

TemplatesYesWorking with templates

Are changes made to template applicable to all articles
which are written based on the template?

History of changes and versionsYesPage History and Page Comparison Views
Preview mode?YesPreview button image
Separation of articlesYesSeparate a  page  (article)
Connecting an article to multiple articlesYesWorking with Labels
Working with Links  
Time stamps, such as created, last modified, and changed statusYes
Version controlYes
Revert to previous versions of a pageYes
Compare two versions of a pageYes

Triggering notifications to the author of the article
for incorrect and outdated information

YesVia third party add-on

Collaboration, Notifications, and Social Features

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Can user 'share' a page via email?Yes

Emailing a Page

Subscribing to notifications based on other users' activity?Yes

Network Overview

Can user 'like' content?Yes

Likes and Popular Content

@Mentioning users on a page?Yes

Using Mentions

Recommendations of popular content?Yes

More about popular content

User status updates?Yes

User Status Updates

Assigning tasks to users?Yes

M anaging Tasks in Confluence

Subscribe to content notifications?Yes

Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content

Subscribe others to content notifications?YesManaging Watchers
Create page comments?Yes

Working with Comments

Inline commentsYes
Anonymous commentsYes

Search and Navigation 

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Full searches by one or more attributes such as content type,
metadata, creation date, updated date, author, text?

Searching Confluence

Presenting search results based on relevanceYes
Searching for users in the system?Yes 

Searching the People Directory

Searching inside attachments?Yes 

Searching the content of attachments

Searching by exact phrase?Yes 

Matched phrase search

AND/OR/NOT search statements?Yes 

Confluence Search Syntax

Search for macro usage?Yes 

Searching for macros

Wildcard searches?Yes

Wildcard searches

Page labels to categorize content?Yes

Working with Confluence Labels

Described and demonstrated searchYes
Search field with autocompleteYes

Files and Attachments

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Attaching files (regardless of type) to a page?Yes 

Working with Attachments

Attachment versioning?Yes

Attachment Versions

Attachment commentsYesComment on a file
Using drag and drop to attach documents to pages?Yes 

Using Drag-and-Drop in Confluence

Display a list of attachments on a page?Yes 

Displaying a List of Attachments

Configuring maximum attachment size?Yes 

Configuring Attachment Size

Editing attached Office files?Yes  Editing an Office Document from Confluence
Searching the content of attachments?Yes

Searching the Content of Attachments

Linking directly to attachments?Yes

Linking to specific types of content

Preview attached Office files in ConfluenceYes

Displaying Office Files in Confluence

Labeling attachmentsYes

Labeling an Attachment

Downloading page attachments in bulkYes

Downloading Attachments

Manage and edit page attachments via WebDAVYes

Configuring a WebDAV client

Embedding a list of attached documents?Yes

Attachments Macro

Bulk upload?YesUpload data via WebDAV


Does Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Custom layouts?Yes

Customising Space Layouts

Custom color schemes?Yes

Editing a Space's Colour Scheme

Custom stylesheets?Yes

Styling Confluence with CSS

Custom look and feel per space?Yes

Working with Themes

Custom site logos?Yes

Changing the Site Logo

Customization to navigation?Other
  • Source code changes (Server only)
  • With a plugin
Customization to dashboard?Other
  • Source code changes (Server only)
  • With a plugin
Extensions, plugins, and connectors?Yes

Atlassian Marketplace: Confluence

Remote APIs - SOAPYes

Confluence XML-RPC and SOAP APIs

Remote APIs - XML-RPCYes

Confluence XML-RPC and SOAP APIs

Remote APIs - RESTYes

Confluence REST APIs (prototype only)

Remote APIs - JSON-RPCYes

Confluence JSON-RPC APIs

(info) Third party plugins are supported by the respective third parties (when marked as "supported in the Marketplace).  Source code customizations are not supported.  See Atlassian Support Offerings for details.

Reporting, Analytics, and SEO

The product can provide analytics and reports on...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
What articles users found most useful?OtherExtend with: Google Analytics Plugin for Confluence
How many Questions were asked?YesAdminister Questions
How many Questions were answered?YesAdminister Questions
Who are the most active contributors?YesViewing Site Statistics
Which are the most active Confluence spaces?YesViewing Site Statistics
Which are the most popular Confluence spaces?YesViewing Site Statistics
Page viewsOtherExtend with: Google Analytics Plugin for Confluence
Number of comments were created/updatedYesViewing Site Statistics
Report on and audit site activityYes

Viewing Site Statistics

Article creation/modification time stampingYes

(info) How do I get more statistics from Confluence?

Importing, Exporting, Backup, Archiving

Does Confluence support...Yes/No/Other Further Information 
Exporting content to Word?Yes

Exporting to a Word document

Exporting content to PDF?Yes

Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to PDF

Exporting content to HTML?Yes

Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to HTML

Exporting content to XML?Yes

Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to XML

Import Word documentsYes

Importing a Word Document into Confluence

Migrate the content of another Confluence siteYes

Restoring a Site 

Import a space from another Confluence siteYes

Restoring a Space

Archive emails associated with Confluence content?Yes

Working with Mail Archives

Archive the content of a space?Yes

Archiving a Space

Automatic archivingOtherExtend via plugin

Team Calendars for Confluence

Does Team Calendars for Confluence support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Event Types?Yes

Event Types

Custom event types?YesCustom Event Types
Display of different calendars on a combined view?Yes

Add other calendars

Tracking travel / leave / holidays / shift schedule?Yes

Plan your people

Display of JIRA issue due dates?Yes

Add Jira Events

Display of JIRA version dates?Yes

Add Jira Events

Display of JIRA Agile Sprint dates?Yes

Add Jira Events

Editing JIRA dates from Team Calendars for Confluence?Yes

Add Jira Events

Email notifications based on calendar changes?Yes

Watch a Calendar

Embedding Calendars on Confluence pages?Yes

Embed Calendars on Confluence Pages

Linking to related Confluence page from an event?Yes

Add Events

Subscribing to Google Calendars from ConfluenceYes

Subscribe to Google Calendar from Team Calendars

Subscribing to Team Calendars from Google Calendars?Yes

Subscribe to Team Calendars from Google Calendar

Subscribing to Team Calendars for Confluence from Outlook?Yes

Subscribe to Team Calendars from Microsoft Outlook

Subscribing to Team Calendars for Confluence from Apple iOS Calendar?Yes

Subscribe to Team Calendars from Apple iOS Calendar

Subscribe to Team Calendars for Confluence from Apple CalendarYesSubscribe to Team Calendars from Apple Calendar
Edit Team Calendars for Confluence via third party calendarNo

Confluence Questions

Does Confluence Questions support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Restricting questions?Yes Integrate questions with your spaces
Restricting access to this feature?YesRestrict access to Confluence Questions
Gamification?YesVotes and Experts
Viewing questions by anonymous users?YesAllow anonymous users to view questions
Answering questions by anonymous users?No

Integrations with JIRA and JIRA Service Desk

Can Confluence...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Insert JIRA issues on Confluence pages?Yes 

JIRA Issues Macro

Insert automatic links between JIRA issues and Confluence pages?Yes

JIRA Issues Macro

Create a new JIRA issue from Confluence?Yes

JIRA Issues Macro

Insert JIRA Issue Filter results on Confluence pages?Yes 

JIRA Issues Macro

Embed JIRA gadgets on Confluence pages?Yes

Gadget Macro

Track JIRA notifications from Confluence?YesIncluding notifications from JIRA
Provide self-help resources to JIRA Service Desk customers?YesProviding self-help resources for your customers with a knowledge base

Integrations with SharePoint

Can Confluence...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Embed Confluence pages blog posts, and entire page trees on Sharepoint?Yes (Server only)

SharePoint Connector For Confluence

Edit Office documents directly from Confluence and save them back to SharePoint's content repository?Yes (Server only)

SharePoint Connector For Confluence

Post Confluence comments while in SharePoint?Yes (Server only)

SharePoint Connector For Confluence

Perform federated searches in either application?Yes (Server only) 

SharePoint Connector For Confluence

SSO?Yes (Server only)

SharePoint Connector For Confluence

SharePoint Online/365Other
Feature request: CSI-683 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other Integrations

Does Confluence integrate with...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
HipChat?YesFREE Plugin: HipChat for Confluence
Google Drive?Yesplugins
Other?YesAll Confluence plugins

(info) See all Confluence integrations.

Top 10: Feature Requests

Key Summary T Status

Top 10: Known Issues

Key Summary T Status

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