Configuring the Server Base URL

The Server Base URL is the URL via which users access Confluence. The base URL must be set to the same URL by which browsers will be viewing your Confluence site.

Confluence will automatically detect the base URL during setup, but you may need to set it manually if your site's URL changes or if you set up Confluence from a different URL to the one that will be used to access it publicly.

You need to have System Administrator permissions in order to perform this function.

To configure the Server Base URL:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Choose General Configuration in the left-hand panel
  3. Choose Edit
  4. Enter the new URL in the Server Base URL text box
  5. Choose Save


If Confluence is installed to run in a non-root context path (that is, it has a context path), then the server base URL should include this context path. For example, if Confluence is running at:

then the server base URL should be:


  • Using different URLs. If you configure a different base URL or if visitors use some other URL to access Confluence, it is possible that you may encounter errors while viewing some pages.
  • Changing the context path. If you change the context path of your base URL, you also need to make these changes:
    1. Stop Confluence.
    2. Go to the Confluence installation directory and edit <installation-directory>\conf\server.xml.
    3. Change the value of the path attribute in the Context element to reflect the context path. For example, if Confluence is running at, then your path attribute should look like this:

      <context path="/confluence" docBase="../confluence" debug="0" reloadable'"false" useHttpOnly="true">
    4. Save the file.
    5. Go to the Confluence home directory and edit <confluence-home>\confluence.cfg.xml

      Change the value of the confluence.webapp.context.path to reflect the new context path. For example if Confluence is running at your property would look like this:

      <property name="confluence.webapp.context.path">/confluence</property>
    6. Save the file. 

    7. Restart Confluence.  

  • Proxies. If you are running behind a proxy, ensure that the proxy name matches the base URL.  For example: proxyName="" proxyPort="443" scheme="https". This will make sure we are passing the information correctly.
  • This information needs to be added in the Connector element at {CONFLUENCE_INSTALLATION}\conf\server.xml.

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