Using Apache to limit access to the Confluence administration interface

Limiting administration to specific IP addresses

The Confluence administration interface is a critical part of the application; anyone with access to it can potentially compromise not only the Confluence instance but the entire machine. As well as limiting access to users who really need it, and using strong passwords, you should consider limiting access to it to certain machines on the network or internet. If you are using an Apache web server, this can be done with Apache's Location functionality as follows:

1. Create a file that defines permission settings

This file can be in the Apache configuration directory or in a system-wide directory. For this example we'll call it "sysadmin_ips_only.conf". The file should contain the following:

2. Add the file to your Virtual Host

In your Apache Virtual Host, add the following lines to restrict the administration actions to the Systems Administrator:

This configuration assumes you've installed Confluence under '/confluence'. If you have installed under '/' or elsewhere, adjust the paths accordingly.

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