Configuring the Office Connector

The Office Connector allows Confluence users to view, edit and import content from Microsoft Office and Open Office files attached to a page.

The Office Connector add-on is bundled with Confluence, but a System Administrator can enable or disable parts of the Office Connector and can configure options.

Enabling and disabling the Office Connector

If you want to limit access to all or part of the Office Connector you can disable the add-on, or some modules in the add-on.

To enable or disable the Office Connector modules:

  1. Go to  > Add-ons
  2. Choose System from the filter drop down and then search for Office Connector
  3. Expand the Office Connector add-on listing. From here you can: 
    • Choose Configure to specify preferences for the Office Connector (this opens the configuration screen described below)
    • Click Disable to disable all modules of the add-on
    • Expand the modules list to enable or disable selected Office Connector modules

Note: only some Office Connector modules can be disabled. Modules that are integral to the operation of the add-on cannot be disabled, and do not have an Enable or Disable button. Modules that can be disabled include the button and provide a brief, on-screen description of the module. 

Configuring the Office Connector Options

Users with System Administrator permissions can configure the behaviour of the Office Connector. 

To set the configuration options for the Office Connector:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration > Office Connector
    Screenshot: Configuring the Office Connector options


  2. Set the configuration options as described in the table below


Default Value


Edit in word button location Page action icon

Where the button for editing the content in Word is located. You can configure the button to appear in the page action icon or from the view page tab.

(warning) Note: This setting has no effect in modern Confluence themes, including the Confluence 5 default theme and the documentation theme.

Warnings: Show a warning before allowing a user to perform an import


If this option is enabled, the user will receive a warning when importing a Word document. The warning will tell the user when they are about to overwrite existing content.

Advanced Formatting Options: Use the footnote macro for Word footnotes


(warning) Note: This feature requires a third party add-on that is not supported for Confluence 5.x

If this option is enabled, a Confluence page created from an imported Word document will use the {footnote} macro from Adaptavist to render any footnotes contained in the document. Note that you will need to install the Footnotes add-on onto your Confluence site. For more information about this add-on and macro, please refer to the Footnotes add-on.

Authentication: Allow authentication tokens in the URL path


If this option is enabled, the Office Connector will use authentication tokens in the URL.

This needs to be enabled to edit Office 2013 documents.

Temporary storage for viewfile macro

The Confluence Home directory.

The {viewfile} macro will cache data temporarily. This option allows you to set the location of the cache. Available settings are:

  • Confluence home directory – The temporary file will be stored in your Confluence Home directory.
  • A directory specified in the file – You can specify a location by editing the Office Connector's file:
    1. Locate the OfficeConnector-x.xx.jar file (where x.xx is the version number) in your Confluence Home directory and copy it to a temporary location
    2. Unzip the JAR file and find the resources/ file. The content of the file looks like this:

      #Complete the following line to set a custom cache directory.
      #If resetting to blank, don't delete anything before or including the '='
    3. Edit the last line, adding the path to your required temporary location directly after the '=' character. For example:
      • On Windows:

      • On Linux:

    4. Save the file, recreate the JAR and put it back in your Confluence Home directory, overwriting the original JAR.

Maximum file space for cache (MB)


This is the maximum size of the cache used by the {viewfile} macro. (See above.)

Number of Conversion Queues


This is the maximum number of threads used to convert PowerPoint, Excel files or PDF slide shows. You can use this setting to manage Confluence performance, by limiting the number of threads so that the Office Connector does not consume too many resources.

Click Manage Queues to view attachments that are still pending conversion.

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26 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    We run Confluence 3.3.1 and every time we restart it, the Office Connector plugin gets disabled.  Why?

    22 Sep 2010
  2. User avatar

    Mel Nepomuceno

    does this work with confluence v2.8? thanks

    29 Oct 2010
  3. User avatar

    Michael Regelin


    We are using confluence without the possibilities to use the "Edit in Word" option (departement decision) when using viewdoc or viewfile.

    Problem is: there is a box "Edit Document" that we cannot get rid off when using the viewdoc macro.

    I have tried, desactivating all the modules regarding edit in word link, but none seems to act.

    Is there a solution to make disappear the box?

    Thanks for help.



    18 Nov 2010
    1. User avatar

      Klaus Feldmann

      Viewdoc macro places an "confluence-button" on the page. You could add following code after the viewdoc macro as a workaround until Confluence viewdoc macro gets a new parameter to do so.

      With above code the edit button will be hidden. You could also create a user macro and combine show-to macros to assign groups to whom the button will be hidden to avoid writing a long syntax. A combination of those macros will still show the edit button to users with edit permissions.

      A comma separated list of group names will decide to which group members the button will be hidden.
      Be aware that all macros on a page that place an "confluence-button" might be without it.

      29 Nov 2010
      1. User avatar

        Michael Regelin

        Hi Klaus,

        Sorry for the long delay...

        In fact, this is pretty nice.

        I hope that Atlassian guys will come with a solution to show/hide the button based on an option inside the connector...

        Thanks anyway.


        01 Feb 2011
        1. User avatar

          Klaus Feldmann

          Good to know that this hint works for you but instead of hope you might want to raise an feature request if not exist already. You need some guys to vote for a feature to get it done by Atlassian.


          02 Feb 2011
      1. User avatar

        Clément Capiaux

        Hi Klaus,


        I'm encountering the same problem as michael, but it's with the "viewppt" macro. The ppt viewer displayed contains an "Edit" link that I'd like to hide.

        I managed to disable the plugin module "Edit in Office javascript resource" in order to make the link dead, but it's still displayed. Any idea of a workaround here ?


        Thank you in advance,


        08 Jan 2013
  4. User avatar


    Is it ok to clear the Confluence home directory\viewfile of all the temp files that build up in there?  Will it harm anything?

    Confluence home directory

    01 Mar 2011
  5. User avatar

    Paula Dasch

    Unfortunately, in our 4.0.4 test environment the edit document button is shown but if you push it nothing happens. We use e.g. Firefox 6.0.2 or IE 8. Office Connector Plugin is the newest, and in Firefox we have the WebDav Launcher 1.0.6. The hyperlink "Edit in Office" at the attachment view is working fine. We tested with user language settings German,English and "Automatically detect browser setting".

    Thank you in advance




    Sorry the confusion - I meant the "edit word attachment in word" function, a button on the Confluence page,if you use viewdoc macro to show Word attachment on the page. And I think it is working fine - in contrast to what I said.

    22 Nov 2011
  6. User avatar


    It is possible to save confluence macro text through the word import?

    I will edit my document in word and i will use the scrollbar macro in the first line, so that i don't must changed the page after import.


    03 Feb 2012
  7. User avatar


    Hi Folks,

    two questions regarding the word-import:

    1) is there a way to extract keywords from the word to assign them as labels

    2) Is there a way to make the pagetitles get pre-postfixed with some keyword-value ?

    If not, is there a way to get the source to extend that ?

    Regards, Josh

    09 Feb 2012
    1. User avatar


      I've got the same query as Josh, especially with respect to the pre & post fixes.

      As we are importing a series of documents all wit the same standard schema, the headings will be duplicated across all of these and it seems a bad UX to have the second document auto post-fix "2" on all leaves, and "3" on the third, and so on.

      It would be much better if we could set (instead of renaming or overwriting) a prefix for all imported sections of a Word document.



      02 Jul 2012
  8. User avatar

    Patrick van der Rijst [Avisi]


    I don't see anything about supporting SAML authentication. Is this something that can be configured or not supported?

    01 Feb 2013
  9. User avatar

    Eric Koepfle

    I would like to make a comment about the statement:

    Cache in-memory – The temporary file will be held in memory. We recommend this option if you are running in a clustered environment.

    We run a mostly vanilla cluster for a large financial company.  I enabled this for our cluster, which has a decent balance of RAM and it could not handle it.  We render a lot of office documents and it filled memory faster than it could collect it.  I hesitate to throw more memory at it, as the full GCs are long enough as is.  And, confluence loves full GCs.  

    There are plenty of JIRAs out there that document the OC's memory consumption issues; I would not enable this.

    17 Jun 2013
  10. User avatar

    Armon Tiongco


    i've already installed office connector and configured it  but the "Edit in Word" button still does not appear anywhere. 

    Can you please assist what else i've been missing? We are using the latest confluence version.



    07 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar

      Eric Koepfle

      I had filed a report against the CSS in the latest office connector which was hiding the button for us.  I believe it was using a class named confluence-button that was removed in 5x.  It was switched to something like aui-button i think.

      I tweaked the style tag in the office-connector jar and it worked for me.  Might be a separate issue, but you can debug it pretty quick using firebug style tools.

      06 Nov 2013
  11. User avatar


    Dear Armon,

    we are looking for the import word document button which doesn't appear in our wiki.

    But maybe you can help us to do one step more... Can we enable the office connector just for our wiki or is it a global setting done by the global csc wiki administrator? Are the administrator rights enough to do the enabling just for our wiki?

    Many thanks in advande for a short replay.


    07 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar

      Armon Tiongco

      Hi Andrea,

      I am a global administrator. I manage the plugins as well as all the gui based administration possible.

      I can see the "Import Word Document" button. What i don't see is the "Edit in Word" button.



      07 Aug 2013
  12. User avatar

    Armon Tiongco

    Also, theres this issue which happens to the word document i display via View File Macro.

    07 Aug 2013
  13. User avatar


    Hi Armon,

    thanks for your replay.

    Do you have any idea why we cannot see the Import Word button?

    Many thanks and best wishes,


    08 Aug 2013
  14. User avatar


    I am trying to put up an Excel spreadsheet that can be shared and edited by anyone with access to the space, but I am the only one (space administrator) who can see the "Edit in Office" button.  I have enabled users to add or remove spreadsheets and they do have the "Remove" button.  How can I make the Edit option available to everyone with access to my page?

    17 Oct 2013
  15. User avatar

    karthikeyan santhanam


    Currently we are using Confluence 3.5.3 and recently added "Office Connector" plugin with the version 1.18. For the MS Excel 97-2003 which is attached and Editable in Confluence by more than one user. The challenge we face here is, say user A clicked on the Edit Document button in a confluence page and started editing the excel and in the same instance we have user B clicked on the Edit Document button and starts editing his/her changes in the same excel what user A is working on.

    Now whatever user A edited and saved was not updated in that excel, after user B saves his/her changes in that excel. 

    Do we have any version control for the Excel spreadsheet in Confluence? If so please advice. We are aware of "page history " in confluence but not sure with this embedded excel spreadsheet. 

    Thanks in advance. 


    30 Apr 2014
    1. User avatar

      Hans-Peter Geier

      version control for attached files was added in Confluence 4.x

      02 May 2014
  16. User avatar


    Is it possible to view comments in/from word with this macro, too? Or ist there any other way to show a word-doc in confluence with the docs comments.

    08 Jul 2014
  17. User avatar

    Parthiv Patel

    I have configure all the steps which suggest in blog but still Insert button is disable

    30 Dec 2014
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Parthiv,

      The Office Connector is a tricky one, and there are a lot of prerequisites that need to be met. I'd recommend you check out Office Connector Prerequisites and Office Connector Limitations and Known Issues, and see if you've got the right combination of apps.

      If that doesn't work, you may need to contact support to work through the issue.

      30 Dec 2014
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