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Can't find a menu item in Confluence 2.8? That's understandable, because the user interface (layout of the screens and menus) in Confluence 2.8 has changed dramatically. This page contains a quick summary of the changes. Please read on for a quick and easy introduction.

(info) Refer to Using the Confluence Screens for an overview of the new Confluence menu structure.

On this page:

Some of the Confluence documentation will not immediately reflect the new user interface in Confluence 2.8. We are working to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. In the interim, please use this page as a guide.

What's on this page?

The image below shows a Confluence 2.8 screen, with numbers added to the image. The numbers relate to a table of menu commands below the image, showing the new menu structure. Finally, there is a comprehensive table of menu commands, their new locations and how to get there.

Confluence 2.8 User Interface in Detail

The following screenshot and numbered list show the new menu layout in Confluence 2.8.

Screenshot: Confluence 2.8 Annotated User Interface Changes

New Menu Structure in Confluence 2.8

The numbers in this list relate to the numbers added onto the image above.

'Space Menu' containing Pages, News, Labels, Attachments, Bookmarks, Mail, Advanced and Space Admin.

'User Menu' containing Personal Space, Preferences, History, Administration (Confluence Administrators only) and Log Out.

'Edit Button' which opens the current page for editing.

'Add Menu' containing Page, News, Comment, Attachment, Add Bookmark. There may also be other items in this menu, depending upon the plugins you have installed on your Confluence site. For example, Add Diagram (Gliffy plugin) and Add Spreadsheet (EditGrid plugin).

'Tools Menu' containing Attachments, History, E-mail, Favorite, Watch, Info, View Wiki Markup, Export to PDF, Export to Word, Copy, Move and Remove.

'Labels'. This line shows tags attached to the current page.

Changes to Menu Items in Confluence 2.8

This table lists every change to the menu structure that has occurred in Confluence 2.8. Names for some commands have changed, so the old menu option names are listed, next to the new names, with instructions for finding them. (You can search the text on this page for the name of a menu item you used to use in an earlier version of Confluence – you'll find instructions next to it.)

Old items, now under Space Menu

New instructions

Browse Space — Pages

Click 'Space', 'Pages'

Browse Space — News

Click 'Space', 'News'

Browse Space — Labels

Click 'Space', 'Labels'

Browse Space — Attachments

Click 'Space', 'Attachments'

Browse Space — Bookmarks

Click 'Space', 'Bookmarks'

Browse Space — Mail

Click 'Space', 'Mail'

Browse Space — Advanced options

Click 'Space', 'Advanced'

Space Admin

Click 'Space', 'Space Admin'

Old items, now under Add Menu

New instructions

Add Page

Click 'Add', 'Page'

Add News

Click 'Add', 'News'

Add Comment

Click 'Add', 'Comment'

Attachments tab

Click 'Add', 'Attachment'


Click 'Add', 'Add Bookmark'

Add other items to the page, as provided by plugins such as Gliffy diagrams and spreadsheets

Click 'Add' and then select the relevant option (available only if you have the relevant plugin installed)

Add Spreadsheet

Click 'Add', 'Add Spreadsheet'

Old items, now under Tools Menu

New instructions

Attachments tab

Click 'Tools', 'Attachments'

View Page History

Click 'Tools', 'History'

Email the page to someone

Click 'Tools', 'E-mail'

Favorite button

Click 'Tools', 'Favorite'

Watch button

Click 'Tools', 'Watch'

Info tab

Click 'Tools', 'Info'

View Wiki Markup

Click 'Tools', 'View Wiki Markup'

View a printable version of the current page

Click 'File', 'Print Preview' (in your browser menu)

Export to PDF

Click 'Tools', 'Export to PDF'

Export to Word

Click 'Tools', 'Export to Word'

Copy (page)

Click 'Tools', 'Copy'

Move (page)

Click 'Tools', 'Move'

Remove (page)

Click 'Tools', 'Remove'

Miscellaneous page element(s)

New instructions


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Last modified on Aug 10, 2016

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