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Content Management

  • Content is organized into discrete spaces in which users can create and edit pages.
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-read but powerful notation for designing pages and linking between them, based on the popular textile markup.
  • Arbitrary files can be attached to pages.
  • Comments can be left on pages.
  • Page templating allows rapid creation of boiler-plate pages.
  • Pages can be organized into hierarchies.

Update Tracking

  • Each page has a full change history, accessible as colored diffs highlighting each change made.
  • Simple Reports which pages have been updated since you last logged in.
  • Email subscription informs you of pages that have been added or updated, or comments left.
  • RSS feeds available for new and updated pages across the site, or in individual spaces.


  • Full-text searching of all content, including pages, comments and space descriptions

Site Management

  • Smart page-renaming updates links across the entire site, even in comments or space descriptions.
  • Pages or spaces can be imported from plain text files, or exported to PDF or HTML.
  • Simple backup and restore to XML files.
  • Automatic daily backup feature.
  • Reports of "orphaned" pages that exist but are not linked to, and of links that point to pages that do not yet exist.

User Management and Security

  • Flexible security, from a public site, to a personal space.
  • User- and group-based permissions.
  • Separate viewing, commenting, editing and administration permissions for each space.

Deployment and Compatibility

  • Available on a wide variety of platforms, either as a stand-alone server, or as a web-archive deployable into a compatible Java application server.
  • Compatible with a large number of databases


  • Confluence is under full-time development, with licensees entitled to a year of free updates.
  • Atlassian's Legendary Service.
Last modified on Jan 23, 2019

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