Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.8

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.8, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.8 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Suggestion CONF-6821 Put Removed Attachments Into The Trash Resolved Fixed 204
Suggestion CONF-30010 Support for multiple labels in Page Properties Report macro Resolved Fixed 143
Suggestion CONF-22711 Support reordering or copy/paste of table columns Resolved Fixed 132
Suggestion CONF-9267 Scrollable Tables with Fixed Header Resolved Fixed 127
Suggestion CONF-8276 Make 'Notify watchers' box selected by default option available Resolved Fixed 101
Suggestion CONF-36095 Roadmap Planner Macro: ability to go more granular Resolved Fixed 71
Suggestion CONF-25846 Automated row numbering in tables Resolved Fixed 60
Suggestion CONF-29116 Pages Property Report for only Child Pages Resolved Fixed 59
Suggestion CONF-35511 [Roadmap Plugin] Allow roadmap width to be adjustable Resolved Fixed 42
Suggestion CONF-34002 Dates aren't sorted correctly Resolved Fixed 42
Suggestion CONF-37109 The new files preview presents unsupported file types in an unfriendly fashion. Resolved Fixed 20
Suggestion CONF-34349 Support Tomcat 8 Resolved Fixed 13
Suggestion CONF-35840 Support space notifications to private HipChat rooms Resolved Fixed 10
Suggestion CONF-35848 Roadmap time period only showing months Resolved Fixed 9
Suggestion CONF-32224 Allow Page Properties Report Macro to filter for children of current page only Resolved Fixed 9
Suggestion CONF-38782 Ability to retrieve more information on cluster nodes for Confluence Data Center Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-36750 Speed up getUserByName() Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-36551 Request to improve Confluence.SortableTables.init() method in confluence-sortable-tables plugin Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-34679 Make workbox notifications available in Confluence Data Center Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-17460 Improve the thread dump output Resolved Fixed 1

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-36806 Incremental Sync with AD Always Fails Resolved Fixed 29
Bug CONF-32702 Disabled users In JIRA/LDAP still appear in Confluence in the People directory and can still be mentioned in pages Resolved Fixed 27
Bug CONF-24738 Selecting a column of a table no longer works in Confluence 4.0.5 or higher Resolved Fixed 24
Bug CONF-35201 Recover Space Permissions feature in Confluence is broken Resolved Fixed 14
Bug CONF-34233 editor-loader overrides global $.ajax timeout Resolved Fixed 9
Bug CONF-36376 PDF Export: Images on the beginning of a page have huge white space in front Resolved Fixed 6
Bug CONF-36711 Regression: Large images are cut off on PDF Export Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-36429 Clicking on files in the attachments macro doesn't launch the previewer Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-34354 Email Notification for User Mention is not Sent when 'Notify watchers' Is Not Checked Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-17523 Users unable to view pages on which they have editing permissions Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-25343 After page is removed Confluence does not update the number of incoming links Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-37488 Parenthesis break Inline Comments functionality Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-37388 Table of Contents Macro does not display on mobile version Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-37167 Confluence is sharing, via email, wrong link to the preview of attachments in pages with special titles (result: Page Not Found) Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-36728 Issues With Copying and Pasting Table in Confluence 5.7 Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-36694 Deadlock on Hazelcast Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-36639 Clicking download icon in Gallery Macro and Attachment Image Preview Macro zooms in on the image rather than downloading for IE and Firefox Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-35883 Show a more user friendly node identifier in Confluence Data Center. Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-35596 From Confluence 5.6 onwards it is not possible to override JVM settings via environment variables Resolved Fixed 1
Bug CONF-41115 Missing Database URL Information In System Information - HSQL Resolved Fixed 0
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