Delete or Disable Users

You can delete a user from Confluence if they haven't yet added or edited any content on the site. Content includes pages and blog posts, and edits and comments on existing pages.

If a user has contributed content, you should disable their user account. Disabling a user account won't remove the content they've created.

Someone with a disabled user account can no longer log in to Confluence, and they don't add to your license count.

To delete or disable a user:

  1. Choose  > User management
  2. Search for a user or click Show all users
  3. Select the user
  4. Do either of the following:
    • Choose Delete if the user hasn't contributed any content
    • Choose Disable to deactivate a user account if the user has contributed content

Screenshot: Administering a user



  • The Administer User link is only visible if you are logged in as an administrator.
  • You can also delete or disable users using the Administration Console.
  • You can edit the groups that a user belongs to, to change their permissions without completely preventing their access to Confluence.
  • Multiple user directories – You can define multiple user directories in Confluence, so that Confluence looks in more than one place for its users and groups. For example, you could use the default Confluence internal directory and connect to an LDAP directory server. In that case, you can define the directory order to determine where Confluence looks first when processing users and groups.

    Here is a summary of how the directory order affects the processing:

    • The order of the directories is the order in which they will be searched for users and groups.
    • Changes to users and groups will be made only in the first directory where the application has permission to make changes.
    See Managing Multiple Directories.

  • Number of users and your license – The Confluence 'License Details' screen tells you how many users your Confluence instance is licensed to support, and how many are currently registered. The number of registered users includes only users who have the 'Can Use' global permission. Deactivated users, as described above, aren't included. Choose Refresh to make sure you see the latest count.
  • If the user resides in a Read Only external directory, the option to disable the user won't appear.

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64 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Bob Swift

    Perhaps you could document what happens when Confluence is using Crowd?

    1. User must still be active in Crowd or else Confluence will not see them, and therefore counts against Crowd license
    2. What happens if the user is disabled or removed from Crowd? Confluence is going to have to live with that (smile).
    26 Oct 2009
  2. User avatar

    Matt Boesch

    If I am using the ConfluenceGroupJoiningAuthenticator, which automatically puts a user in the confluence-users group at login, and the confluence-users group has the 'Can Use' global permission, it will not matter if I take them out of the confluence-users group, since they will automatically be put back into that group. So in that case, would a suggested course of action be to change the user's password and email address (so they cannot use the change password functionality effectively) in order to disable them.

    21 Jan 2010
  3. User avatar


    Deactivating users in 3.1 seems impossible.  (Conf 10u license)
    I need to remove a couple users asap to let others join but don't see any way how

    I have:

    • Removed user from all groups, including confluence-users
    • Verified user does not have any can-use permissions in Global Permissions

    Now what do I do?

    There is no button, link or action that I can take on the user to deactivate

    Attempting to delete still gives the "user has created pages/spaces" message

    04 Feb 2010
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]


      The license count is depending on the Can use permission via Confluence Admin >> Global permission. You might want to try to flush the cache via Confluence Admin >> Cache Statistics >> Flush all. After you have flush the cache try to visit the License Details page Confluence Admin >> License Details >> Refresh.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      05 Feb 2010
      1. User avatar


        Thank you for the reply. The issue IMHO is that the UI is not clear at all.
        There is no signal or notifier to tell you that now a user is deactivated. It is totally silent.

        Nor is there a total in-use count shown anywhere on your user list. It should say "Using 24 of 25 licenses"

        So what happens is that you remove a user from groups and are told nothing.

        Then you go and add a user and no longer have exceeded license messages.

        1. This should be documented above in the "Deactivating" users area. Please make it clear there will be no notification

        2. Please put in a feature request to display licenses in use on the user admin area.


        06 Feb 2010
  4. User avatar

    Janie Tschida

    Hello - we are using Confluence 3.1.1 and have now rolled out the Wiki to our customers.  When they login, they can view the People Directory and I want to be able to remove or hide former users that are no longer with the company.  I understand that I cannot remove them as a user since they have Wiki content associated with them, but is there any way to hide them in the People Directory?  Thanks!

    15 Mar 2010
    1. User avatar

      Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian]

      Hi Janie,

      Up until Confluence 3.0, all deactivated users won't be shown in the People Directory. However. this behaviour changed due to this reason. If you are really keen in getting back this feature, I would suggest you to add yourself as a watcher, vote for the following feature request and add your own comments to this feature request:

      For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


      22 Mar 2010
      1. User avatar

        Kelvin D. Olson

        Some things I hope Atlassian begins to consider in regards to displaying deactivated users in so many places, especially very obvious places like the People Directory:

        • Former co-workers who didn't leave because their spouse moved or they got a better job, but rather were fired. for harassment of other employees.
        • Deceased former co-workers.

        History of a page could perhaps show that it was edited by "obfuscated".

        As it is, I need to re-activate some users, so I can login AS them, and change the profile pic that nobody here wants to ever see again. Dig?

        Please give me a few-clicks administrative way to make them a GHOST without breaking the system. Seriously.

        02 Apr 2010
  5. User avatar

    Pavlo Aksonov

    I've just removed one user from any group, but it is still counted for my starter pack license (Confluence 3.1), what i'm doing wrong?

    Is everything else i need to do to avoid counting it for my license?

    Thank you.

    22 Mar 2010
    1. User avatar

      Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian]

      Hi Pavlo,

      For your information, the license count is actually based on the number of users with the "Can Use" permission. In order to reduce the number of users with the "Can Use" permission, you can deactivate them. Also, ensure that the users do not have the global 'Can Use' permission. If they do, you will also need to remove this permission. Here is the documentation that will help you to achieve this:

      You may need to click the 'Refresh' button in the License Details page to make sure you see the latest count. You can access the License Details page at Dashboard > Administration > License Details. For more information, you may want to read this page. Hope this helps.

      If this problem persists, I would suggest you to raise a support ticket to, so that your issue can be further investigated. Also provide the following:

      1. A copy of your Confluence log file located at <confluence-home>/logs/atlassian-confluence.log
      2. The system information page. You can obtain the page by accessing the http://<path-to-confluence>/500page.jsp
      3. Screenshots that illustrate the problem.


      25 Mar 2010
      1. User avatar


        Thanks, "Refresh" solved the problem. It looks strange why "Add user" don't 'refresh' state automatically.

        25 Mar 2010
  6. User avatar

    Fabio Genovese

    Hi to all,

    Deactivated user can log in on confluence.

    I think is more correct block log in of deactivated users rather than log in to a locked page, like Jira.

    There is a way to block the log in for deactivated users? don't find it.

    10 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      Hi Fabio,

      Indeed, deactivated users in Confluence are still able to login but redirected to a "Not Permitted" page. I personally think that this is an ideal indication that the user does not have the permission to use Confluence anymore.

      Anyway, if you are keen to change this behavior, feel free to raise an improvement request.

      18 Aug 2010
  7. User avatar

    Lars Sjögren


    As I gather, I cannot remove a user who is responsible for any content on the Confluence site. Using the reporting macro I found a way to locate content created/modified by a specific user. But even if I find that a user is not responsible for any content, I still cannot remove the user. Should I be able to remove the user in case there is no content contributed by the user? In that case, how do I do that?


    24 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar

      Husein Alatas [Atlassian]

      Hi Lars,

      Should I be able to remove the user in case there is no content contributed by the user? In that case, how do I do that?

      By right, if they are local users, you should be able to remove them. You can refer to the top of this page on how to do it.

      Hope that helps (smile)


      27 Aug 2010
      1. User avatar

        Lars Sjögren

        Hi Husein,

        You're right, local users can be removed using the methods described on this page. Unfortunately, in this case the users are not local and after some further enquiries with Atlassian, the only way to remove them seems to be to go into the DB and manually remove them.



        20 Sep 2010
    1. User avatar


      Hi Lars, 

      I have the same problem. Have you figured out a way to remove the user, please?

      I was also wondering what reporting function you used to check for user content?

      Many thanks!



      19 Sep 2010
      1. User avatar

        Lars Sjögren

        Hi Steffen,

        No, we haven't figured it out yet, so for the time being, we leave them there.

        As for the method to check for user content, I used the reporting plugin. See example below for finding pages created by a certain user. Use "user-filter:content:modifier" for modified pages.Hope it works.



        20 Sep 2010
        1. User avatar


          Thanks, Lars, for the script, works fine. However, it cannot detect any content for the user that I

          try to remove. I will just ignore that for now...



          18 Oct 2010
  8. User avatar


    Hi,  can i delete the out of box "admin" user  ? would there be any negative consequence in the future ?

    Thanks in advance,


    17 Sep 2010
  9. User avatar

    Emily Johnson

    There should definitely be a deactivate button. It's quite annoying to have to remove them from lists. The deactivate button could just remove them from all the lists.



    12 Jan 2011
  10. User avatar

    Stein Inge Morisbak

    To all of you who have had problems removing users after removing all their content, you may have forgot to purge the deleted pages from the trash can. It took some time to figure that out, so Atlassian people please document it.

    Here is how to purge the trash can: Purging Deleted Pages

    08 Apr 2011
  11. User avatar

    Klaus Feldmann

    If you still need such content –

    1. Instead of deleting content you could just copy and approve content and apply current user name that way.

    2. If you are super-admin to your database e.g. SQL, you could change username and user full name to a new user for all content that has been created. You could do it with sql queries or more easy with any UI.

    02 May 2011
  12. User avatar

    Emily Johnson

    Hi, I don't see a disable option. Just:

    View Profile| Edit Groups|Edit Details|Set Password|Remove

    I'm using 3.4.6.

    Is this only available in later versions? If so, is there another work-around?



    20 May 2011
    1. User avatar

      Mark Hrynczak [Atlassian]

      Hi Emily,

      The Disable User feature was introduced in Confluence 3.5.

      The instructions for deactivating a user in Confluence 3.4 are here: Removing or Deactivating a User


      23 May 2011
  13. User avatar


    What happens to tickets created by a user if I go in and remove the user?


    01 Jun 2011
    1. User avatar

      Edwin Dawson [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately I can't help you with this particular request.

      For more information, you can post a question on Atlassian Answers.

      Alternatively, you could always open a support request at, where our support engineers will be able to get back to you quickly.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,

      Edwin Dawson
      Technical Writing Team Leader

      07 Jun 2011
    1. User avatar

      For JIRA, any user data in charts, queries, timesheet data that the user previously had will not be displayed. Further more if any gadget you have that displays information based on the user names would display inconsistent results because the owner of those tickets have been removed. That's whats currently happening on our JIRA instance.

      This is our current user management setup. We are using Active Directory with readonly access to LDAP with user groups. All user accounts gets added into an LDAP Directory but not in the JIRA Internal directory.  If users are removed from the Active Directory and it synchronizes with the application, the user account is removed as well. Any tickets that that user account had created will no longer be visible in timesheets, charts reports. I do believe you can still search for those ticket but do not use the user name as a filter parameter.

      The workaround is to create the missing user account in the internal directory manually to recover the lost information.

      I do hope the Atlassian Dev Team could apply a feature wherein if the user contributes his/her first content or ticket, the user account will be copied into the internal directory to make sure information is not lost once a user is removed.

      As for confluence goes, removing users seems to have a minimal impact on the system. I havent done a thorough test but I think it may have an impact on document permissions and document search.



      02 Aug 2012
  14. User avatar

    Arthur van der Molen

    We run confluence at an educational institution with currently 3000+ users. For authentication we use CAS Single Sign On and as such we have many users who never created or will create content and have left the university.

    I am looking for a simple way to prune back accounts (delete) that have not been used for say 1 year and that have not created any content.

    Would this be feasible with reporting or SOL plug in?

    20 Jul 2011
    1. User avatar

      Klaus Feldmann

      I use reporting but you could do it also with sql.

      You could just create an table report on all users using user-suplier parameters about last login to find those users.

      to check out whether or not they did create content you could use something similar to following code:

      You cant delete users that did create content.
      If such a user you want to delete you might check his content and might want to reassign another creator or to delete such content. I do this right within the sql database by standard sql commands.

      20 Jul 2011
  15. User avatar

    Arthur van der Molen

    Thanks, this works for one user but the fields "signup date" and "last login" are empty when I copy the page

    I guess this is because we use still old version of the CAS Single Sign On (Jasig) which should be replaced by Soulwing CAS

    Two questiuons remain:

    how can I report then all users, should er be some sort of loop or do I have to do that in other way?

    Can I report only users with "number of pages authored=0"??

    Thanks for the help


    21 Jul 2011
    1. User avatar

      Klaus Feldmann

      results of reports depends on version of your confluence, plug-ins and user-management.

      This was just an example for one user that could be selected. I would add an report that list all users within a table and the code I did post just to check his state of created content. You achieve this with reporting plug-in. You could achieve a report  with number of pages authored=0 by adding a content-filter – but what would you like to do with the pages a user might have modified? You might want to read a few things about how to create your report:

      But this discussion is now about reporting and the place to discuss this further any of the corresponding forums either at customware or confluence.

      21 Jul 2011
  16. User avatar

    David Comdico

    We have successfully disabled users but they still appear in the directory. We do not want to purge all user content, only remove them from the directory listing. Is this possible? 

    This has been a problem since we've been on Confluence - first ver3 now 4.

    02 Nov 2011
  17. User avatar



    We have a confluence installation which uses our JIRA user database.  We had someone leave the company and we want to deactivate him under confluence.  He has been removed from all groups, has no global permissions, cache has been cleared yet he is still not deactivated.  Any ideas?




    14 Nov 2011
    1. User avatar


      Sorry, it appears I was wrong.  We had one more user than I thought we had which was why I thought the particular user in question wasn't deactivated.  It would be nice to have a column in the user browser to show who is active and who isn't.

      14 Nov 2011
  18. User avatar

    nir pengas

    for the life of me i cannot undersand the way things work with confluence.

    such basic requirement and still so many people find it difficult to accomplish...

    i as well have a user who does not have any associated content and still the remove button is nowhere to be found. i would prefer for confluence to gray out the button than not show it at all and provide whatever data it is basing it's decision on, so one can take action. just hiding the remove button with no explanation is clearly poor user experience for such a basic task.

    14 Jun 2012
  19. User avatar


    Just a few comments based on my experience, Confluence 4.1.10 standalone, MS SQL DB, Microsoft Active Directory (Read Only, with Local Groups) & Internal directory.

    1. Since users are populated from AD and are read only they can't be disabled in Confluence GUI (this makes sense).
    2. I have a lot of users that no longer exist in AD, some have been gone years. They do not show up in a user search or as a group member thru the GUI either with the Microsoft Active Directory (Read Only, with Local Groups) enabled or disabled.
    3. If I do a dump of [Confluence].[dbo].[external_entities] from the DB ther ARE listed & a dump of [Confluence].[dbo].[external_members] shows their ID as a member of groupid 32770 (confluence users).
      1. But, the total number of entities shown in 32770 (from db dump) is 1230 while when I look at the count thru the admin menu under License Details it shows 1070 as the count.

    I have tested some of the refresh methods mentioned here to any great extent but I will.

    27 Jun 2012
  20. User avatar

    Unai Rodriguez

    Is there a way to remove users that have content associated to them (i.e. they produced content)?

    We have been running Confluence (and JIRA) for around 5 years now on an environment with several thousands of users. We have been unable to find a way of being able to delete users that are no longer connected to our company because they created content (and we do not want to delete it – it's valuable).

    Is this really the case? Will this ever be implemented?

    Thank you so much.

    02 Aug 2012
  21. User avatar

    Laszlo Kremer

    This article should also contain the need of clicking the Refresh button in the License section. Sarah Maddox [Atlassian] could you please include that?

    30 Jan 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo Laszlo

      Good idea. Done. (smile)

      Cheers, Sarah

      30 Jan 2013
  22. User avatar

    Franz Hartmann

    Hey, just wanted to +1 what Unai was saying - I think not being able to properly remove users from confluence after they have produced content is a big hole in the system.

    We don't want to delete all the produced content of users that have left the company and this results in these users still showing up in people suggestions, people directory etc.

    We now even started to rename them in the format 'zzzzzzzzzJohn Doe' which speaks volumes about how bad this is in my opinion.

    18 Feb 2013
  23. User avatar

    Linh Pham

    I disabled a user, but did not remove him from any groups.  Even after a refresh (and cache flushed), I still see that he is counted toward the license.  Only after I removed him from all groups that the count changed.

    My Confluence version is 4.2.1.  Is this a change in the Confluence implementation of counts?  Could someone verify?

    26 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Jennifer Cheung

      Looks like a bug -  CONF-24969 - Disabled user still counts towards license limit Open .

      19 Jun 2013
  24. User avatar


    I have tried this below as suggested above on Feb. 05, 2010 but does not work: -

    The license count is depending on the Can use permission via Confluence Admin >> Global permission. You might want to try to flush the cache via Confluence Admin >> Cache Statistics >> Flush all. After you have flush the cache try to visit the License Details page Confluence Admin >> License Details >> Refresh.

    Could you help please? We are running on 5.0.2? Thanks.crtly

    07 Mar 2013
  25. User avatar

    Jonathan Tsang

    I have tried this below as suggested above on Feb. 05, 2010 but does not work: -

    The license count is depending on the Can use permission via Confluence Admin >> Global permission. You might want to try to flush the cache via Confluence Admin >> Cache Statistics >> Flush all. After you have flush the cache try to visit the License Details page Confluence Admin >> License Details >> Refresh.

    Could you help please? We are running on 5.0.2? Thanks.

    07 Mar 2013
  26. User avatar


    Version 4.3.7

    We have LDAP as our primary User Directory.  When an employee leaves the company, their domain account is removed.  In Confluence, this results in the user's Personal Space (and all child pages) being deleted.  Any main space pages are not deleted, but are no longer searchable by the user name.  If you search the page title, it states it was created by Anonymous.

    There needs to be better handling of content created by domain users who are deleted from the AD as often people create very beneficial pages/tutorials in their Personal Space.  It would also be very helpful if the pages kept the user name relation so the pages could remain searchable by author.

    22 Mar 2013
  27. User avatar

    RP Administrator

    Here's the workaround for this.  It's not pretty.  This must be done as admin and backup of current config is highly recommended. 

    1. Export space to and xml file:
     Go to the parent space and click Browse->Advance -> XML Export
    2. Decompress the zip file, open the entities.xml file and go through and change the username information in the CDATA[username] sections of these lines
    <property name="userName"><![CDATA[creator-username]]></property>
    <property name="creatorName"><![CDATA[creator-username]]></property> 
    It's easier to have a local admin account or one particular account to change these to.  You can use a editor to Find/Replace  the information in bulk.  Otherwise use the Find/Replace to update specific users to another specific user.
    3. Save the file and re-zip all the content you originally downloaded into a new zip file.
    4. Go to Browse -> Confluence Admin -> Backup & Restore
    5. Under the Restore Confluence Data click the Choose File button and select the newly zip file.  Please read all the information under this section.  Make sure the Build Index box is checked, them click the Upload and Restore button.
    I got an error during the process regarding the attachments.  The error did not prevent the XML file from updating the page creator information.
    6. Go to one or more of the pages that you changed the ownership of and click Tools -> Info to verify the ownership change.
    7.  Empty the space trash to ensure there are no more lingering pages associated with the removed user (Browes -> Space Admin -> Trash)
    8. Go to Browse -> Confluence Admin -> Users -> Show all users.  Try to remove the desired users.
    If the user is the creator of a Space use the following process, in addition to the above steps.
    9. Rename the space the user created.
    10. Create a new space with the same name as the original space name (the space ID will have to be different).
    11. Move the pages (parent pages) from the old space to the new space. Click on the page (parent page) and go to Tools -> Move.  
    If the space home page is the top level parent page of that space, just move that page and all sub pages will follow intact.
    12. Verify the old space is empty and then remove it. Browse -> Space Admin -> Remove Space
    13. Go back to Browse -> Confluence Admin -> Users -> Show all users.  Try to remove the desired users.
    This is what worked for me, feel free to test and pass along to others.  Instructions probably needs to be cleaned up a bit.
    26 Apr 2013
  28. User avatar


    I think that the deleting and deactivatiting functionons are not efficicient for for large installations with thousends of users and high churn rate. What is needed is a maintenance function thats help you find users with specific attributes like "not logged on for 1-3-6-12-24) months. Furthermore it should not be possible to delete a user silently if he has personal space.... That seems to me a bug... At last, user deactivating must be much simpeler, like with deting users, after generation of a list bij some criteria... have a look at this, we are not asking magic

    29 Apr 2013
  29. User avatar


    I am using Confluence OnDemand. I have deactivated a user and I want to reuse that same username for someone else. When I try to save the details for this new user I get the message: "A user with this username already exists". Is there any way that I can reuse a deactivated username?

    04 Dec 2013
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi there, I would suggest contacting support for help with this one. As far as I am aware you cannot reuse usernames in OnDemand, but there may be something they can do to remove the old user or find another workaround for you. 

      04 Dec 2013
  30. User avatar

    Ilya Rivkin

    Hi! I'm the admin and I'm leaving the company that I was working in. how can I give my admin permissions to other member?

    10 Mar 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Ilya,  granting admin permissions to another user is pretty straight forward. 

      First of all go to Confluence Admin > Global Permissions and see which group has the Confluence Administrator or System Administrator permission - in a default instance of Confluence this will usually be a group called 'confluence-administrators', but it is worth checking, as the groups are customisable. 

      Once you ascertain the correct group, go to Groups, select the appropriate group (e.g. 'confluence-administrators') and choose Add Members.   You can then add the other users to that group. 

      Quick note about Space Admin permissions. Space Administration permissions are granted when you create a space, so if you set up most of the spaces in your instance, you will be the Space Admin.  Granting someone Confluence Administrator permissions does not automatically make them a space administrator, but they can recover permissions to these spaces by going to Confluence Admin > Space Permissions then choosing Recover Permissions.  (This is not required if the user is granted System Administrator permissions).

      Once you leave, the user you have granted administrator permissions to will be able to disable your account. 

      10 Mar 2014
  31. User avatar

    Daniel Wilson

    In Confluence 5.4-OD-5, there are no "Delete" or "Deactivate" links when I edit the user. I have

    View Profile Edit Groups Edit Details

    I go through the steps in the post, but I can't get the links I need to show up.  What am I doing wrong?


    03 Apr 2014
    1. User avatar

      Mark Hrynczak [Atlassian]

      As mentioned in the right-hand panel, this page does not apply to Atlassian OnDemand, which has a different user management system. See Managing Users and Groups in the AOD space.

      03 Apr 2014
      1. User avatar

        Daniel Wilson

        Thanks for explaining that Mark.  The other piece I forgot was that I'm actually managing users via JIRA ... but now I have it working.

        04 Apr 2014
  32. User avatar

    Chris Kent


    We use Active Directory in a reasonably large and international company. So I try to ensure that ex-employees are disabled from the system however I don't know what happens in the other offices. I do know that when staff leave, their AD account is disabled (not deleted).

    So my question is, can Confluence users in an Active Directory "User Directory" which has been disabled be automatically disabled in Confluence?

    Or even if there is a script that I can run manually which disables Confluence accounts which are disabled in AD....

    22 May 2014
    1. User avatar

      Aleksey Omelchenko

      Hi, Chris

      Our company has the same issue as you described in May 22.

      Did you find any sollution for problem described.

      It would be realy helpful of you share your experience concerning this point!

      Thank you in advance.

      05 Feb 2015
  33. User avatar

    Mark Dutton

    I too am having problems with moving content and removing users. We are only small, but I just moved our entire mediawiki database over to a space in Confluence. I did this under my own Active Directory linked login. I now realise I should have done this under the local admin user as that will always be considered the global content owner. Also as the owner of a small business, I want to remove my AD user from the system and login as the local admin to free up a licence.

    In Mediawiki to remove a user was simple. The system asked who you wanted to become the owner of all their content. It would move ownership then delete the user.

    I want to move the global spaces and imported content therein to the local admin account and then remove, or disable my AD integrated account, but it seems this is not possible from what I am reading here.

    23 Oct 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Mark, sorry for the delayed response.  I'd recommend contacting support with this one. How you go about removing users and disabling AD will depend on how the AD integration was configured etc.   Support will be able to work through it with you, and provide suggestions for the best way to proceed in your particular situation.  

      27 Oct 2014
  34. User avatar

    Mauricio Gutierrez

    My company owns Confluence 5.6.4 and we need to delete a user who created thousands of pages, this because we've reached the maximum number of users and we hired someone recently.

    I tried a lot of different options, but there's no out-of-the-box feature to accomplish this.

    This is a BIG problem and trouble to the wiki Admins. There has been a lots of releases and it should have been added months ago.

    10 Nov 2014
  35. User avatar

    Shane Burger

    I deleted a user in Jira/Confluence (a mistaken variation of my own user account), but that user still shows up when typing an "@mention". I cannot find how to wipe it out.

    10 Jan 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Shane,

      When I tested this, the user remained in the @mention list for a short time, but then disappeared. If you're still having this issue, I'd suggest contacting support.

      18 Jan 2015
  36. User avatar

    Justine Joliveau

    I have the same issue as Mauricio Gutierrez: I have a 10 person access to confluence and one of them is an intern, she did upload a lot of content on Confluence and I was wondering what I should do when she leave and that someone else will be taking her spot : should I create an "intern member" in Confluence or is there a more delicate way for us to keep the content AND a named member on Confluence? Thanks for your insight 

    03 Aug 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Justine,

      If you disable a user, their content will remain but it'll free up a licence spot for Confluence. You should then be able to create a new user account for whoever is taking over.

      03 Aug 2015
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