Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.7

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.7, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.7 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Suggestion CONF-4486 Embedded Comments Resolved Fixed 122
Suggestion CONF-607 Enable comments inside pages, not just at the end of a page Resolved Fixed 35
Suggestion CONF-7719 Store larger user profile picture Resolved Fixed 33
Suggestion CONF-32980 Provide support for Confluence to use Java 1.8 Resolved Fixed 32
Suggestion CONF-33194 Official Support for MS SQL Server 2014 Resolved Fixed 25
Suggestion CONF-27248 WorkBox (notifications and tasks) support for Confluence clustered Resolved Fixed 20
Suggestion CONF-30597 Support for Oracle 12c Resolved Fixed 19
Suggestion CONF-30110 Improve CachingI18NBeanFactory implementation Resolved Fixed 16
Suggestion CONF-3962 Turn Attachment into a ContentEntityObject Resolved Fixed 15
Suggestion CONF-36445 CQL return pages or content, etc, that match certain criteria Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-35696 Quicksearch bar on Confluence is missing background color attribute in CSS Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-15729 Add support for partial attachment downloads Resolved Fixed 1
Suggestion CONF-36382 Remote API Space Export Does Not Export Restricted Pages in Personal Spaces Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-35896 Upgrade Navlink plugin to version 3.3.13 Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-35206 Update Balsamiq Mockups OnDemand to 2.2.25 Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-35161 Upgrade table plugin to 6.6.1 Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-34680 Make quick reload plugin available in Confluence Data Center Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-31669 Always have prev/next for images when you click on them Resolved Fixed 0
Suggestion CONF-27975 Confluence Sitemesh decorators should include "head" content from decorated pages Resolved Fixed 0

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-27328 Unable to connect with WebDav on OS X 10.8.x or Windows 7 Resolved Fixed 36
Bug CONF-39129 When importing a word document, header order is not respected Resolved Fixed 34
Bug CONF-15721 Some Powerpoint files with images will not convert properly Resolved Fixed 33
Bug CONF-34110 Widget Connector does not work with Google Spreadsheets or Draw documents Resolved Fixed 32
Bug CONF-28845 OS X (10.8) Finder refuses credentials for WebDav connection Resolved Fixed 30
Bug CONF-34096 View File Macro not rendering complete PDF on Windows Resolved Fixed 29
Bug CONF-26215 Cannot link to attachments attached to a space Resolved Fixed 28
Bug CONF-33763 Large embedded images are not displayed within pdf macro Resolved Fixed 26
Bug CONF-21909 Deadlocks in Oracle 11G due to missing indexes Resolved Fixed 25
Bug CONF-28426 Confluence table grid lines don't show on Chrome on MacOS Resolved Fixed 22
Bug CONF-33928 Unable to save Child Page Resolved Fixed 15
Bug CONF-34649 Page move fails because of a deleted page Resolved Fixed 12
Bug CONF-33937 Generated images don't get exported to Word Resolved Fixed 11
Bug CONF-29660 PDF macro breaks on pages with a colon in the title Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-27068 Incorrect user popups when copy/pasting a mention Resolved Fixed 8
Bug CONF-35324 Uploading an Image via Insert Image Dialog broken in IE9 Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-33420 Confluence blog-posts macro renders entire blog body even when only the title is required Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-30809 Contributors Plugin Timeout and Performance Problems on Pages Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-29224 Contributors Summary macro returns error rendering macro with special values configured Resolved Fixed 7
Bug CONF-34784 Health Checks page is empty, only showing Got Feedback button Resolved Fixed 6
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