Release Notes 1.0a2

Confluence 1.0a2

Confluence 1.0a2 was released November 6, 2003.

New Features

  • Shortcut links (Release Notes 1.0a2 & Release Notes 1.0a2) - shortcut links enable you to easily make links to any 'web service' from within the syntax of a Confluence page. Simply specify your shortcut and the URL to link to (eg "google", "$1") to add your own links. You could use this to link directly to JIRA installations, Google, intranets, searches or anything that has a 'URI' based interface.
  • Revert page to a previous version (Release Notes 1.0a2) - revert to a previous version of any given page from the list of previous versions.
  • Forgot password function (Release Notes 1.0a2) - retrieve your password if you happen to have forgotten it
  • Report: undefined pages (Release Notes 1.0a2) - list of all pages which are linked to from other pages, but not defined.
  • Report: orphaned pages (Release Notes 1.0a2) - shows all the pages which are never linked to (ie have content but no way to get to them).
  • Interstitial help page after creating a space (Release Notes 1.0a2)
  • 'Notify me', and HTML/text email preferences, with HTML email content
  • Links to non-exported pages are now maintained in exported PDFs (the links point back to the online Confluence installation)
  • Custom Radeox macros can now be used within Confluence - this enables you to write your own macros to produce custom content
  • XML import/export of a single space (Release Notes 1.0a2) - useful for porting spaces between installations
  • XML import/export of a single page (Release Notes 1.0a2) - useful for creating pages automatically, or sync'ing pages between installations.
  • Many other minor fixes, improvements and performance tweaks
Last modified on Jan 19, 2004

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