Release Notes 1.0rc5

Confluence 1.0rc5

It's time to release Confluence 1.0rc5 into the wild: it's the fourth Release Candidate since last Friday, and we're definitely getting close here. The last two release-candidates did not have their own release-notes, so these notes will also include things that were fixed for those versions.


  1. New Features
  2. New Macros
  3. Improvements
  4. Notable Bug-fixes
  5. Outstanding Issues

See also: Issues Resolved for 1.0rc5

New Features

In keeping with our promise to not add any features during the Release Candidate process, we have been very restrained, and only added two new features (smile)

Template Preview

Page templates have been given an overhaul: when filling in your template variables, you are presented with a template of the rendered page, with input fields where the variables will be inserted. If you have the same variable used in several places, the form will take care of keeping them all in synch.

Page Redirection

When you rename or move a page, the page's old URL will attempt to give users some clue as to where they should be looking: checking which pages have had this name in the past, or redirecting users to pages in another space with the same name.

New Macros

  • {weblogs} is a synonym for {blog-posts}


  • The user signup screen has a more friendly UI
  • Exported PDFs now incorporate the site's stylesheet, and thus look a lot better.
  • Confluence now has a useful "404" error page that gives the user some suggestions of how to find what they were looking for.
  • An Administrators page, linked from the footer of each page, lists those users in the "confluence-admin" group. (If you don't want your address to be made public on this page, create an administrative group with some other name)
  • The error you receive when you exceed your licensed user limit is more informative, and no longer directs users to email Atlassian. (smile)
  • The SnipSnap importer converts SnipSnap blog posts to Confluence blog posts.
  • Several methods added to the XML-RPC and SOAP APIs for managing users and spaces. (See Conf Remote API Additions)
  • The Daily Report email is more informative and more readable
  • Page comments and Parent/child relationships are maintained during HTML and PDF exports
  • news: and nntp: URL schemes are now recognized in bracketed links

Notable Bug-fixes

Since RC2

  • Links between pages now work when you have a context path other than / (oops!)
  • The daily report email is no longer sent every minute (oops!)
  • You can no longer download attachments without being logged in (OOPS!)
  • Search results no longer highlight words that were terms in previous searches

Since RC3

  • Page redirects now work properly under Orion 2.0.2

Since RC4

  • Removing a user no longer causes their notifications to hang around and crash things
  • Removing a blog post works, too
  • Many fixes to PDF rendering and exporting
  • Many fixes to handling of Latin character set (See outstanding issues below)
  • Invalid macros now give a more informative error than "no group 3"
  • The 404 error page no longer requires you to log in to view it
  • Macros that generate HTML (page include, HTML include, JIRA, RSS, FatCow) bypass the remainder of the page processing, and so should have far fewer formatting errors now.
  • User browser filter remembers your search across pages

Plus, of course, innumerable fixed to annoying crashing bugs across all three releases.

Outstanding Issues

Latin Characters under Resin

We've tested creating pages with non-ASCII titles and content across several different browsers and several different operating systems, and they seem to be working reliably now... except on Resin. This will be quite noticeable since itself is running under Resin, but we have so far been unable to come up with a solution that works on this application server.

For users who need this functionality, we suggest running under Tomcat.

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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