Release Notes 1.0b3

Confluence 1.0b3

1.0b3 was released on January 19th, 2004. It replaces the short-lived 1.0b2 release, after 1.0b2 managed to escape into the wild with a bug in the search index that made it see pages that weren't there any more. Since 1.0b2 only existed for one weekend, the release-notes for both versions have been folded into a single document.

This is a massive release. Over 90 issues (new features, improvements and bug-fixes) were resolved between beta-1 and beta-3, with even more improvements made below the issue-tracking radar. 


  1. New Features
  2. New Macros
  3. Improvements
  4. Notable Bug-fixes
  5. Outstanding Issues

New Features

Search Attachments

Attachments are now indexed for searching just like any other content in the Confluence space. Alongside text, HTML and XML attachments, Confluence will also index Word, RTF and PDF documents.

Configurable Look and Feel  

The site administrators can now customize the color-scheme of the Confluence installation. More advanced configuration can be done by [editing the site's templates|Custom Decorator Templates] through a web interface, changing the appearance of the whole site.

Site Homepage

The site administrator can now set the site homepage for users who have not logged in: choosing from either the dashboard (the default behavior in beta1 and before), or any of the Space homepages within the site.

Users who have logged in can choose their own site homepage in their user profile.

RSS Feed for New Comments

You can subscribe to all new comments added to a space using an RSS newsreader. (The link to the RSS feed can be found on the Space Summary page)


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New Macros


  •  Users' login names and full names are indexed for searching.
  • Users' profiles may now be longer than 255 characters, and are also indexed for searching.
  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Anonymous contributions are clearly labeled.
  • Users are warned if they are editing or commenting without having logged in.
  • Notification emails now link to the appropriate "diff" page, so you can quickly see what has changed.
  • Page diffs now highlight precisely what changed within each line: very useful when just one or two words change in a long paragraph.
  • Lists of child pages and links are sorted alphabetically.
  • Long lists of pages or search results are paginated.
  • Shortcut links can be given different link text in the same way as other links.
  • Incoming links and "hot referrers" are listed in the sidebar of the page view.
  • Child pages are listed below the page contents in the page view.

Notable Bug-fixes

Outstanding Issues

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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