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Confluence can run on a wide range of operating systems and databases, on physical or virtualized servers.

See Supported Platforms for the full list of platforms that we support in this version of Confluence or Supported Platforms FAQ for details on our support handling procedures. 

Software requirements

Operating systems

Atlassian supports the operating systems listed on the Supported Platforms page. 

If you would like to run Confluence on virtualized hardware, please read our Running Confluence in a Virtualized Environment document first.

On this page:

Application server

We only support running Confluence on the version of Apache Tomcat that is bundled with the Confluence distribution.  


You'll need an external database to run Confluence. See the Supported Platforms page for a list of all the databases we support. 

When evaluating Confluence, you can use the embedded H2 database included in the Confluence installation, but you will need to migrate to a supported external database once you're ready to roll Confluence out to your team.


The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is packed up and ready to go when you install Confluence using the Windows or Linux installer. You don't need to install Java yourself. 

If you choose to install Confluence from an archive file, you'll need a supported JRE or JDK, and your JAVA_HOME variable set correctly. See Installing Java for Confluence for more information.

Antivirus considerations

Antivirus software on the operating system running Confluence can greatly decrease the performance of Confluence. Antivirus software that intercepts access to the hard disk is particularly detrimental and may even cause errors in Confluence. This is particularly important if you are running Confluence on Windows. No matter how fast your hardware is, antivirus software will almost always have a negative impact on Confluence's performance.

You should configure your antivirus software to ignore the following directories:

  • Confluence home directory
  • Confluence's index directory
  • All database-related directories

Hardware requirements

Please be aware that while some of our customers run Confluence on SPARC-based hardware, Atlassian only officially supports Confluence running on x86 hardware and 64-bit derivatives of x86 hardware.

See Server Hardware Requirements Guide for more information.

You may also like to check out our tips on reducing out of memory errors, in particular the section on Permanent Generation Size.

Hosted solutions – Confluence Cloud

If you do not have the resources to set up and maintain a Confluence installation locally, consider trying Confluence Cloud. Atlassian can run and maintain your installation of Confluence, handling all the testing, monitoring and upgrading processes for you. 

Last modified on Aug 29, 2017

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