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This documentation is intended for Confluence developers who want to ensure that their existing plugins and add-ons are compatible with Confluence 6.4.

Release Candidate - 1 September

  • We've reduced the number of properties you need to provide to run Synchrony in Data Center by using some sensible default values. You can still override these defaults, see Configuring Synchrony for Data Center in our EAP docs for information on the required and optional properties.

    Start Synchrony command...
    # To set the classpath in Linux  
    # To set the classpath in Windows 
    # Remove this section if you don't want to discover nodes using TCP/IP
    # Remove this section if you don't want to discover nodes using multicast
  • Upgraded Applinks to 5.4.1

Beta 1 - 18 August

  • We now bundle the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server. We plan to remove the current, open source jTDS driver in a future release. New Confluence installations will use the Microsoft driver for SQL Server by default. Existing installations will continue to use the jTDS driver after upgrading to Confluence 6.4.   You may want to test your add-on with both drivers. 
  • We've made some small changes to the database configuration step in the setup wizard. In addition to a Test Connection button, we also now check the collation of some databases before proceeding.  

Milestone 14 - 14 August

  • We've made some changes to the terminology we use to describe pages and blog posts. A "draft" is a page or blog post that has never been published, and "unpublished changes" refers to a page or blog post that has been published previously, but has subsequent edits from one or more people that have not yet been published. 
  • People can now access drafts they have contributed to from the Recently worked on list in the dashboard. Previously only the person who created the draft could access it from the Drafts page in their profile. A "Draft" lozenge will indicate the page is a draft and has never been published. 
  • People can also now more easily identify pages and blog posts they have edited, but not yet re-published.  An "unpublished changes" lozenge in the Recently worked on list and on the page byline will indicate that there are changes that the user has contributed to, but not published. The lozenge is not visible to people who have not contributed to the unpublished changes. 
  • When a user exits a draft, using the Close button, they will be taken to their Recently worked on list in the Dashboard, regardless of whether they chose to keep or discard the draft. This is to help people resume working on that draft (if they chose to keep it), or work on another unfinished page.  When a user exits a published page with unpublished changes using the Close button, they return to the View page (regardless of whether they choose to keep or discard the unpublished changes). 

Milestone 13 - 7 August

  • We now list the name of every person who contributed to a version in the page history (previously we only showed their avatars). 

Milestone 10 - 31 July

There are no notable changes in this milestone. 

Milestone 8 - 17 July

This is our first public milestone for Confluence 6.4. Not much has changed yet, but keep an eye on this page, as we'll be releasing a milestone every week in the lead up to Confluence 6.4.  

  • Updated to Hibernate 5.2.8
Last modified on Apr 24, 2018

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