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Confluence versions marked "Milestone", "Beta" or "Release Candidate" (RC) are development releases, which are preliminary releases leading up to the official release of a major Confluence version. They are a snapshot of our work in progress and provide an advance preview of new features to our customers and the general public. Confluence plugin developers can also use development releases to test and fix their plugins in advance of an official release.

The main distinction between a beta and a milestone release is that milestone releases typically acquire new features with each subsequent milestone version, whereas beta releases are predominantly feature-complete. Beta releases still undergo bug fixing and occasionally, existing features may be enhanced or added in subsequent beta versions. Release candidates are close to being ready for final release, but may still undergo changes before the final release.

Do not use in production

Development releases should not be used in production environments as they are not officially supported.

For all production use and testing of Confluence, please use the latest official release.

Who should try this out?

With development releases, the Confluence development team aims to provide plugin developers with an opportunity to see the latest changes in the code.

Furthermore, if you are a Confluence customer who is eager to see the new features and provide us with feedback on our upcoming major release, we encourage you to try out our development releases.

Development releases are not production ready. Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Confluence development process. While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release, and could contain features that are incomplete or may change or be removed before the next full release.

No upgrade path. Because development releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to a final release. You may not be able to migrate any data you store in a Confluence development release to a future Confluence release.

Atlassian does not provide support for development releases.

Each development release has passed all our automated tests, has undergone some performance testing and has been used for one week on our official internal Confluence server. Furthermore, most of the solved issues have been reviewed.

Be aware that our development releases are still undergoing final performance and compatibility testing for databases and application servers. Hence, we recommend that you use development releases on installations with small (as opposed to full production-level) user bases.

Upgrade Procedure

If you wish to upgrade your existing Confluence installation with this version, ensure you have created a separate copy of your current Confluence production installation first and using that copy, follow the normal upgrade instructions to upgrade it to this development release. If you have also implemented customized site- or space-specific layouts, you will need to re-implement them after the upgrade. Otherwise, some of the new features in Confluence (or possibly existing features) may not function correctly.


All development releases are available from Development Releases on the Atlassian website.

Previous Betas and Milestones

Bugs fixed

Scheduled jobs administration bug fixes

  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the scheduled jobs administration screen when Gliffy is installed.
  • Removed the daily backup job from the scheduled jobs administration screen. It can still be controlled via the backups screen.
  • Made wording changes in the scheduled jobs administration screen.

Editor bug fixes

  • Fixed drag and drop not working properly in the editor in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed position of the comment editor, which was showing below the notation guide when using the Easy Reader theme.
  • Fixed JavaScript error thrown by drag and drop in IE8 when native XMLHttp support is disabled.

Dashboard bug fixes

  • Added backwards compatibility with 3.4 for dashboard-recently-updated macro parameters.
  • Fixed problem: Unable to select certain category labels with special characters on the dashboard spaces and updates lists.

User management bug fixes

  • Improved incremental license counting, so the licensed user count is now accurate immediately after adding or removing users.
  • The old-style seraph group joining authenticators will now work with the new user management system, so users don't have to edit their seraph-config.xml to get Confluence 3.5 working. We still recommend customers use the standard Confluence (or Crowd SSO) authenticators, and configure whether users from their directories should join groups when they log in through the User Directories administration console.
  • Fixed migration of local groups with LDAP users.

Other bug fixes

  • The "what's new" dialog will no longer show for milestone and beta development releases.
  • Comments are back to being correctly imported during a site or space restore.
  • Better handling of failure to create unique constraint in DB2.
  • Fixed: Mail servers configured before Confluence 2.8 trigger ClassCastExceptions when extracting email from name.
  • French and German translations have been updated for 3.5.
  • Space directory filter no longer removes search results on every keystroke.
  • Space Directories will now show in two-column layout on screens with a resolution as low as 1024x768.
  • Upgraded to Social Bookmarks plugin 1.3.8, to resolve sort ordering issues.
  • Reduced memory footprint when loading bundled plugins and the demo site.

Known Issues

  • The bundled Support Tools plugin does not start up and outputs a stack trace to the server logs at startup. This will be fixed in the final release.
Last modified on Nov 28, 2013

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