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This documentation is intended for Confluence developers who want to ensure that their existing plugins and add-ons are compatible with Confluence 6.13.

We plan to release weekly milestones during the development of Confluence 6.13. Watch this page to find out when a new milestone is available and what’s changed. We will publish formal release notes once we release a beta.

Latest milestone
26 November 20186.13.0-rc1Download
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Changes in Confluence 6.13

Release candidate - 26 November 2018

Due to some font configuration issues encountered in AdoptOpenJDK 8, we've decided to continue to bundle the Oracle JRE. The bundled JRE is used by default when you install Confluence with the Windows or Linux installers. 

AdoptOpenJDK 8 is fully supported however, and we'll provide a step-by-step to help admins switch to using AdoptOpenJDK if they prefer. 

Beta - 14 November 2018

For the full run-down on features in this release, head to Confluence 6.13.0-beta Release Notes.

Delete user accounts

In this release we've added the ability to permanently delete a user account and anonymise the personally identifiable information associated with it. When a user's account is deleted we will:

  • delete their personal information (such as their profile details)
  • replace their profile picture (avatar)
  • replace their username with a user key
  • replace their full name with an alias (such as 'user-12345')
  • reindex any content they've contributed to or been mentioned on, so their name doesn't appear in search results.

See Delete or Disable Users in our EAP documentation to find out more about how it works. 

If your app displays people's names or usernames (think places like mentions, or the page byline), you should test how it behaves when a user has been deleted.  If you listen for a delete user event, for whatever reason, you should also check that this still works as expected. 

Milestone 101 - 5 November 2018

PDF export improvements

We've fixed a number of bugs relating, and made a lot of improvements to the appearance of our PDF exports. Some of these fixes have caused a change in behaviour. 

  • Styling has been improved, and may look slightly different to current PDFs
  • PDFs are now exported page by page. This means that each Confluence page will start on a new PDF page (and not be combined). Server customers will be able to change this behaviour in the PDF stylesheet.  It is not possible to change this in Data Center, due to the way the external process pool handles PDF exports. 
  • Headings are no longer demoted, based on the page's level in the page hierarchy (for example, if an exported page was 2 levels deep, h1 headers were demoted to h3, h2 headers to h4 and so on). Headings now match the level set on the Confluence page. 
  • Tables are no longer resized to fill the PDF page width.  They are now resized based on the amount of content in the table. Customers can change this behaviour in the PDF stylesheet.

Update on OpenJDK

In this release we bundle AdoptOpenJDK 8u192-b12. 

Milestone 49 – 29 October 2018 

Update on the new Confluence Search and TinyMCE 4 editor  upgrade

We're continuing to work on both the new Confluence search experience, and the editor upgrade to TinyMCE 4. Both of these changes will remain dark for Confluence 6.13.

Update on OpenJDK

We're currently working on bundling Adopt OpenJDK with Confluence, instead of the Oracle JRE. You can expect the Java version and vendor health check to fail, when running on OpenJDK. We'll have this sorted before the final release. 

There is also a known issue on some Linux distributions. See Confluence 6.13 or later fails with FontConfiguration error when installing on Linux OS for information on how to resolve this. 

There is also a known issue with missing certificates in AdoptOpenJDK 8u181. We believe this is resolved in 8u192. See for more information and a workaround. 

Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence

Recently we made a Marketplace app available to help customers move their Confluence spaces from Server to Cloud. This app is now bundled with Confluence 6.13.

It's not necessary to upgrade to Confluence 6.13 to use the app to migrate to Cloud however, the app can be used with Confluence 5.10 and later. 

Learn more about the Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence

Milestone 41 - 22 October 2018

No significant changes in this milestone.

Milestone 34 - 15 October 2018

No significant changes in this milestone. 

Milestone 27 – 8 October 2018

Search UI improvements are coming

As previously announced, we're working on making it easier to find content in Confluence. In an upcoming Confluence release, we'll be rolling out some big improvements to the search UI.

Changes to quick search

We'll be replacing the current quick search (also known as quick navigation) with an improved search experience.

  • Expanded search results – Until now, quick search limited your results to titles. We’ve extended this, so search now looks at content within pages, personal profiles, space descriptions and some attachment types.
  • CQL filters – We’ve added interactive CQL filters so users can quickly narrow results by space, contributor, type and date.

Access to full search

In our first release, users will still be able to access the existing full search page, which includes additional CQL filters and advanced search syntax.

The search changes are still dark in this milestone, but you can go to confluence-url/users/darkfeatures.action and add the dark feature flag to try it out.

Spring upgrade

We've upgraded Spring from 4.2.5 to 4.3.18. 

OpenJDK support 

We plan to add support for AdoptOpenJDK 8 in Confluence 6.13 to assist customers impacted by the change to Oracle JDK support.

We encourage you to start testing your apps with AdoptOpenJDK 8 as soon as possible, and let us know if you encounter problems.

To find out more about our plans for Java 11 and OpenJDK support in Confluence and other products, head to Java 11 and OpenJDK support for Atlassian Server & Data Center products

Editor TinyMCE upgrade

As previously mentioned, we're currently working on upgrading the Confluence editor from TinyMCE version 3 to version 4. The upgraded editor is still dark in this milestone, but stay tuned, as we hope to ship the upgraded editor in Confluence 6.13!

There should be no impact to end-users (except significantly fewer problems). If you've not already tested your apps with the new editor, now is the time. Head to How to test your app with the upgraded TinyMCE 4 editor in our developer documentation to find out what you need to do. 

Looking for updated documentation? Check out the Confluence EAP space for the latest docs.

Have you joined our developer community? Head to to check it out! We’ll be posting in the announcements category if when new EAP releases are available

Last modified on Jun 17, 2020

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