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Milestone release advisory

For testing use only

Do not use this release to upgrade your production systems.

This release is a public development release ('milestone') leading up to the next Confluence major release. Development releases are a snapshot of our work in progress, allowing our customers and especially plugin developers to see what we're up to.

Who should upgrade?

Development releases are not production ready. Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Confluence development process. While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release, and could contain features that are incomplete or may change or be removed before the next full release.

No upgrade path. Because development releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to a final release. You may not be able to migrate any data you store in a Confluence development release to a future Confluence release.

Atlassian does not provide support for development releases.

In supplying milestone releases, our aim is to provide plugin developers with an opportunity to see the latest changes in the code.

Each milestone release has passed all our automatic tests and has been used for one week on our official internal Confluence server. Most of the issues solved have been reviewed too, and all of our milestone releases even have been performance tested for a while.

However, since our milestones releases are timeboxed (that is, they are released every two weeks, no matter how far we have come implementing features and bugfixes) there is always a chance that we have new known bugs that are scheduled to be fixed in the next milestone, or completely new bugs unknown even to us.

Additionally, we have not completed our performance testing and compatibility testing for all supported databases and user management systems. So, for example, a milestone release may behave well on a small installation but show severe problems when subjected to many users.

Upgrade Procedure

Follow the normal upgrade instructions to upgrade your test instance to this release. We strongly recommend that you backup your Confluence home directory and database before upgrading!


All development releases are available from the development releases page on the Atlassian website.


The Confluence team is proud to present another incremental milestone, called M7. We are currently aiming at shipping M8 in two weeks and M9 in four weeks. M9 will be almost feature-complete and therefore similar to a beta release. After a couple of betas and release candidates we intend to ship Confluence 3 in late May. As always, things can still change a little, so there is no fixed date. But if you are a plugin developer, you want to have your plugin tested well before the big marketing buzz kicks in. We try to remain as backward-compatible as we can for Confluence 3, but if something slipped through the cracks we need your feedback, and we need it now. So do have a look at this milestone release and tell us what you think.

Macro Browser and Rich Text Editor

You can now choose the kind of right-click context menu you want in the Rich Text Editor. A new button on the toolbar, handily called "Toggle context menu", toggles between the browser's default context menu and our TinyMCE one.

You can also tell the TinyMCE context menu that it isn't wanted via the "Disable context menu" option.

Macro Browser search has been improved and now accepts multiple words (order not important) and camel-casing (matches either case in consecutive words).
The filtering logic has been added to AUI as a new commented method of AJS, "filterBySearch" - feel free to use it.

Community Improvements

This milestone shows a number of improvements from the Community Team.

Profile Layout

In the spirit of making the profile page actually page you want to visit, it's been given a facelift and has now come closer in line with out stardard UI.

It also includes your current status is clearly visible at the top of the profile page.

For now you have a Status Updates section on the right hand side of the profile page, the next milestone will see this will be replaced with the new Recently Updated Macro (see below) so it will include other kinds of activity as well.  It's here now because otherwise you wouldn't have anywhere to delete or clear your status, eventually will be moved to another tab and/or page.

User Status Updates

  • Delete And Clear Status
    You can delete status entries from the list on the right. Someone hacks in your status, you can now always delete it. You can also clear your current status, so any location showing your current status will show nothing. This won't remove it from your history but your current status will now be considered cleared.
  • Status Icon
    A new status Icon was introduced by the Design team.  The lightbulb has been replaced with some sexy quotes ( ).
  • Immediate Updates
    Updating your status will use Javascript-Magic to update your status on the current page, giving you immediate feedback, with no need to refresh the page.

Recently Updated Macro

This is the first milestone that shows the hard work that dave and Chris Broadfoot have been doing with our Recently Updated Macro.

To build up activity in the old recently updated macro the process would simply query the lastModified date of all the relevant content, then sort it accordingly.  The side effect of this was, if two people edited the same page, you would only see the one edit in your list.  Not only that, if you wanted to follow a certain user's activity and someone edited a page after them, you wouldn't see any update!

We've worked very hard on this and changed the way Confluence stores changes to documents and now tracks all changes every time a document, page, profile, status, anything, is updated.

This screen shot shows two edits from two different people on the same document, something that wasn't previously possible.  These changes were critical for implementing a proper follow feature for 3.0.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been fixed by the community team, here are a list of some of the main ones:

  • CONF-14773 Expanding and collapsing the personal sidebar will no longer affect the comments on that page/blogpost.
  • CONF-14870 Delete links for user status items are now properly integrated with the new XSRF protection and actually work.
  • CONF-14778 Printing pages from a personal space no longer includes the sidebar
    Other bug fixes:
  • CONF-14689 Comment edits now send notifications

Plus a number of other fixes.

PDF export team

Removed the PDF Export++ option. The new PDF export is what you get when you select just PDF Export. The old PDF export was removed.

Added javascript to the space export tree that will select/deselect all descendants of the clicked node. This change applies to all export formats not just PDF. This should save hours for the Atlassian Techwriting team.

Bugs fixed

Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Fonts are too large in the page index macro when exported to PDF
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Note macro missing colored background in PDF export
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - content by label macro looks ugly when exported to PDF
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Bookmarks macro is producing really large font when exported to PDF
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Attachments macro is showing velocity junk when exported to PDF
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Panel macros (warning, note, info) could use some extra padding in PDF export
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Spaces macro renders as a single bullet item list when exported to PDF
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Recently-used-labels macro with a table style doesn't look like a table at all
Release Notes 3.0-m7 ("Milestone 7") - Blockquote text too large in pdf export

Last modified on Mar 31, 2009

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