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Confluence release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for platform releases, feature releases and bug fix releases. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Confluence, you will find essential information in the upgrade notes associated with the relevant release notes.

Release notes are maintained in the Confluence 8.5 (Latest) space. All links below will take you to the Confluence Latest where you can browse all release notes and upgrade notes. 

Important changes to our server and Data Center products

We’ve ended sales for new Server licenses, and will end support for server on February 15, 2024. We’re continuing our investment in Data Center with several key improvements. Learn what this means for you

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Long Term Support releases

A Long Term Support release is a feature release that gets backported critical security updates and critical bug fixes during its entire two-year support window. If you can only upgrade once a year, consider upgrading to a Long Term Support release. Learn more

Long Term Support releases were originally referred to as Enterprise Releases.

Confluence release notes

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Want a bird's eye view of what's changed in recent releases, including critical bug fixes? Check out the Upgrade Matrix.

Confluence 8.5 LONG TERM SUPPORT

Confluence 8.4

Confluence 8.3

Confluence 8.2

Confluence 8.1

Confluence 8.0

Confluence 7.20

Confluence 7.19 LONG TERM SUPPORT

Confluence 7.18

Confluence 7.17

Confluence 7.16

Confluence 7.15

Confluence 7.14

Confluence 7.13  LONG TERM SUPPORT

Confluence 7.12 

Confluence 7.11

Confluence 7.10

Confluence 7.9

Confluence 7.8

Confluence 7.7

Confluence 7.6

Confluence 7.5

Confluence 7.4 LONG TERM SUPPORT

7.4 is an LTS release. Learn more 

Confluence 7.3

Confluence 7.2

Confluence 7.1

Confluence 7.0

Confluence 6 release notes

Confluence 6.15

Confluence 6.14

Confluence 6.13 LONG TERM SUPPORT

6.13 is an LTS release. Learn more 

Confluence 6.12

Confluence 6.11

Confluence 6.10

Confluence 6.9

Confluence 6.8

Confluence 6.7

Confluence 6.6 LONG TERM SUPPORT

6.6 is an LTS release. Learn more 

Confluence 6.5

Confluence 6.4

Confluence 6.3

Confluence 6.2

Confluence 6.1

Confluence 6.0

Confluence 5 release notes

Confluence 5.10

Confluence 5.9

Confluence 5.8

Confluence 5.7

Confluence 4 release notes

Confluence 3 release notes

Confluence 2 release notes

Confluence 1 release notes

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